Monday, November 27, 2006

He's My Lobster!

We arrived home last night from our Thanksgiving trip to Omaha, NE. Unfortunately, Pete had to leave again this morning at 4:30AM to fly to Florida for his company's annual meeting. Hannah and I miss him already! Because I am one of the last people on the planet to still be using a film camera, I just got back some pictures from Halloween. Pete and Hannah were

I decided to borrow Hannah's costume after she'd gotten sick of it.

On to more recent events. Wednesday night we arrived in Nebraska and we brought Ben his first pair of New Balances. He seemed to take to them right away, although by Thursday I think he might have preferred my Danskos!

Thanks again to Pete and Jenni for hosting us! I haven't had brisket in the longest time and deep fried turkey truly is a religious experience. We had a great time seeing everyone and really enjoyed getting to play with little Benjamin. Can't wait to see you again sometime soon.