Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week One: a [happy] blur.

I went into labor just before 7am on Sunday morning, September 15th.  Caroline was born just before noon that same day.  Yes, you read that correctly, Baby Sister came in a flash!  Pete was out on a long run when I woke up, but by my third contraction, I knew we were in business and started looking at my watch, wondering when he'd get home.  Meanwhile I had gotten Ellie up and dressed and she and I were reading books upstairs on the loveseat.

Aunt Audrey was downstairs sleeping, having been in town since early Thursday morning (the first time we thought I was in labor).  When Pete got home from his run, he told Audrey what was going on, took Ellie downstairs to have breakfast with her, and he and I stayed upstairs until my contractions were about six minutes apart.

We took a few pictures of our family of three, and Ellie said goodbye to Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Sister.  Still cannot believe that we took these pics at 10am and Caroline was here less than two hours later!!

Aunt Audrey brought Ellie to meet Caroline once she was up from her nap and we were off the labor floor.  (HUGE Thank You to Audrey for taking care of Ellie for essentially two entire days).

We were able to go home after only one night in the hospital, so by late afternoon on Monday, we were back in our own house!  This may or may not have been the best idea, but Pete and I were happy to have a sleepless night in our own bed, rather than the hospital.

Tuesday we all went to the pediatrician and Caroline was given a clean bill of health, and we made an appointment for Friday, when they would again check her weight.

Because Caroline took her sweet time in arriving, Pete was pretty much out of days to spend at home.  He had to go to Dayton on Wednesday, but luckily could leave late enough in the morning that he was able to drop Ellie off at daycare.  (I was not allowed to pick Ellie up for a week after my hospital discharge, and we certainly didn't want to have our three-day-old in the germy halls of a daycare building.)  Pete would not be arriving home until around six, however, and the daycare closes at 5:30pm.  Luckily, we have great friends in our neighborhood, so Ellie just went home with her classmate, Annie, and Pete picked her up at David and Sarah's house on his way back into town (Thanks again, guys!).

Then on Thursday, the Cavalry came!  Okay, not really, but it sort-of felt like it.  Thursday Pete was able to work from home which was great because BOTH girls were here, and, a little after five, he went to the airport to pick up.......

AUNT SUSIE AND UNCLE JOE!! Child caring-car driving-cleaning-cooking-laundry washing-dog feeding-diaper changing extraordinaires!!!

Friday was another day that Pete had to be in Dayton, but this time from about 6am to 11pm, so we really didn't know how I was going to get Ellie to daycare and Caroline to the pediatrician, all without lifting more than 10 pounds or driving a car.  So when Aunt Susie offered to come and help like she did when Ellie was born, we graciously accepted.  This time Uncle Joe came, too!  They walked in the door with bag after bag of food and snacks and wine and pretzels and presents for Ellie.  Friday morning Aunt Susie drove my car to daycare to drop off Ellie, and then we went to the pediatrician with Caroline (who at five days old already weighed more than her birth weight - holla!!), and the grocery store.  Friday Uncle Joe grilled his famous burgers, and Saturday, when Pete was home, he made filets for the four of us, along with Silver King corn from Pennsylvania - we haven't eaten so well at our own house in years!  Possibly ever!!

Pete was home again on Saturday, so Aunt Susie and Uncle Joe were able to drive around Lexington a bit and see what makes Kentucky so special - they saw the yearling sales at Keeneland, took the pretty drive through horse country to Midway, and stopped in at Woodford Reserve.  All while doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen and still making us all of our meals.  It was such a huge help to have them here so that I didn't strain myself with Ellie and was able to attend to Caroline as much as needed by a 4-7 day old baby.

Aunt Susie and Uncle Joe went to mass on Sunday, after which Pete drove them back to the airport and they flew home.  Then it was just the four of us.  We did some reading and napping and visiting with neighbors and called it a day.


first tummy time!


Monday, September 23, 2013

She's Finally Here!

Caroline Hadley Crawford arrived last Sunday, 9.15.13, 8lbs 12oz,  21 1/4"

Life with two children has been very hectic, so please forgive the lack of blogs and pictures.  Here is a smattering of what we've been up to in the last week via phone pics: hospital, home, sisters, sleep (or lack thereof).

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

No Labor Day Weekend for Me.

Whump-wah.  No new baby at our house.  After my appointment last Monday, Pete and I were pretty certain we'd be holding Baby Sister by today.  Mostly because my midwife told us, "I don't think you'll make it to your appointment next week."  Health care providers of the world:  DON'T TELL THIS TO A PREGNANT WOMAN!! Especially not one with a whirling dervish of a toddler who is exhausting both mommy and daddy on a daily basis. 

No baby news aside, we did have a nice holiday weekend.  We had lunch with friends on Saturday, went to the pool briefly between thunder storms (apologies to anyone at the Signature Club who had to see me in my maternity suit), and have managed to eat dinner at home for three nights in a row.  Sunday there was a jazz concert on the lawn of Ashland, Monday morning we had a great breakfast at Alfalfa's, and Monday evening we were back at the pool.

Saturday at the pool.

Sunday morning CinnaMonkey from North Lime Coffee & Donuts
Labor Day fun at the pool with Daddy
I went back to Jen Wheeler's pregnancy blogs to get the following questions, since I haven't done a ton of pregnancy blogs this time around. 

Original Due Date 8/31/13
How far along: 39 1/2 weeks

Best moment this week: When Ellie asked me to sing her a song last night, and then kept saying, "sing another song, Mommy" (not really baby-related, sorry).

What's new with baby:  She is LOW and ready to GO!  About the size of a small watermelon.  My midwife still says labor is imminent, so we just have to wait and see.

Mom is feeling:  Frustrated.  Bored.  I'm on maternity leave now so when Ellie's at school I have to come up with ways to stay occupied.  I've been knitting baby hats (have now finished two and am about to start a third - haven't liked the first two).

Weight gain:  22lbs, though down to 20lbs this morning (same thing happened with Ellie, I gained 22 lbs, then lost a pound or two right before her birth).

Wardrobe:  Mostly sundresses and skirts.  Baby sister is so low that my maternity pants feel tight across my belly.

Cravings:  Sour Patch Kids, which is funny because when I was pregnant with Ellie in the first trimester I was all about sour candies, but not at all with this baby.  Now at the end, I want them all the time.  I still drink cold ice water all the time, too.

Missing:  Being able to easily chase Ellie, or carry her up the stairs without groaning, sitting with my legs tucked up under me (I'm able to sit this way still, but my PT has advised me to keep my pelvis symmetrical at all times, so I'm not supposed to cross my legs or tuck one under when I sit so as not to aggravate my Sciatica.)

Scared about:  Leaving Baby Girl.  How long we'll have to stay at the hospital.  Pete being out of town when labor begins.  Being a family of four.

Excited about:  Meeting Baby Sister.  Introducing her to Ellie.  Being a family of four.