Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ellie's visit to Folly Beach

I finally figured out iMovie on my new mac- it isn't as intuitive as everyone claims, I'm just sayin'.....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Guess Where We've Been!?!

That's right - we returned this afternoon from a weekend getaway to sunny South Carolina! Friday we drove to visit our dear friends Matt and Jen Wheeler in Columbia, SC. Ellie was dressed and ready for her first trip to the Palmetto State!

After a relaxing Friday afternoon and evening at the Wheelers (watching le Tour go over the Alps d'Huez of course) we headed to Charleston Saturday morning. WE LOVE CHARLESTON!! Seriously, it is one of our most favorite places. We daydream about having a summer home there someday....maybe just an annual rental....who knows.

I don't know if we like Charleston more for the restaurants or the beaches, but luckily we visited both on Saturday. First we ate lunch at Taco Boy!

Ellie was excited to have her first official visit to Taco Boy (though I guess technically she was there last summer during our week-long vacation when I was 5 weeks pregnant)

After lunch we went to Folly Beach. It was a totally different experience from being at the Cape, but I think Ellie had fun! It was super windy and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but it somehow didn't feel too hot! We had a really nice umbrella and chairs that Ellie slept under most of the time we were there.
We played with her in the water a little bit, but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, I stole the above from Jen's blog. (I did take a little video with our flip camera, though)

Then for dinner we went to Poe's Tavern on Sullivan's Island - best. burgers. ever. anywhere. I had the Annabelle Lee (as did Pete and Jen) - it's a hamburger with a crabcake on top with this remoulade that is to die for. Matt had the Tell Tale Heart - a hamburger with a fried egg on top. The burgers can be a bit large to navigate the initial bite, but it's totally worth it.

Sorry about the backlit image, but check out Ellie's reaction to the waving flag behind Pete- she was enamored!
AND Jen and I were totally rocking the 'beach hair' :)

We drove back to Matt and Jen's after dinner and Sunday we just hung around the house. We watched the final stage of le Tour whilst eating blueberry muffins (the official breakfast of le Tour for the Coon Pit alumni) Then we were sort-of out of things to do.....so we had a little photo shoot with Ellie in her bathing suit that wasn't really beach appropriate.

How cute is that?!?! Jen received the bikini from a co-worker to give to me when she told her she was coming to Kentucky for my baby shower. It cracked us up -- Ellie had no shortage of precious faces!

So that was our little mini-vaca! Ellie was a great little road-trip baby - she slept the whole way down to South Carolina and had a pretty good trip back to Kentucky today. We had such a good weekend with Matt and Jen and feel so lucky to have friends with whom we can spend the weekend! Especially friends who are only a couple of hours to the beach! Thanks so much guys - we had the best time, can't wait to see you again soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm no Seth Meyers...

but here's our Weekend Update!

Saturday was Rachael's Surprise birthday thing over at Harry's. I think she new something was up when Sylvain was being so vague about their plans after dinner, but she wasn't expecting a whole table of her friends waiting with drinks and dessert!

Sylvain gets extra hubby points for pulling the whole thing off - you can check out her blog for the story of her whole birthday weekend getaway!

Sunday afternoon we went to see Harry Potter 7 part Deux!!! That's right - we both went. Together. Alone. I'll let that sink in.

Ellie's Aunt Audrey and Uncle Andrew were kind enough to drive in from Louisville so we could go see the movie. It was the first time Pete and I have been out together without Ellie since she was born. I'm so glad Aud and Andrew wanted to come because I would have had trouble leaving Ellie with just a babysitter, I think. We knew that they would take perfect care of Ellie because they love her!
As far as the movie goes...
I LOVED IT!! (spoiler alert) Maybe it's because I am a mom now, but in the flashback part where Harry's mom is talking to him in the crib telling him how much is mommy and daddy love him - I cried and cried. And when the professors are showing all of their magic skills to protect Hogwarts - I cried from excitement. And at the end when it was all over - I cried. It was a really good movie and Pete and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to watch it again when it comes out on DVD.

Then on Monday, when Ellie and I returned from mom and baby Pilates, Grandpa Crawford had arrived! Pete's dad is visiting us for just a couple of days to spend some time with Ellie.

They've been reading books and singing songs - when I was getting the laundry I'm pretty sure I heard him playing the piano with her!

"The Belly Button Book" cracked him up!!

This morning they read another favorite, "Hey Wake Up!"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

Nothing much going on around here, just doing our tummy time!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Eleanor Wrenn meets Jean Eleanor Wrenn Prann

We named Ellie after my Grandma Prann, and were really excited that they would finally get to meet when we visited the Cape. It was cool and rainy when we got to the house in Cataumet, and Grandma was with my cousin Pamela and the gang walking around Falmouth, but they arrived back home shortly after we did. I don't have any pictures of the actual moment they met, but here are some pictures from later in the week.

In addition to meeting Grandma, Ellie met about 17 other relatives!


Chris and Margo

Johnny (Johnny's the 1st great-grandchild and Ellie's the 11th!)

and Ruby!!

Of course that's not everyone; Ellie really liked making faces with Sophie, Logan, Maren, Taylor, Alex and Emma as well - I just didn't always have my camera at the ready.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

We've had a great weekend at our house -

we've been to two outdoor concerts

taken a dip in our 'pool'

and Pete ran The Bluegrass 10,000 this morning - he won his age group and placed 24th (out of 2,000 or so)!!