Sunday, March 07, 2010

Shower the People You Love with LOVE

Last Sunday Emily and I threw a baby shower for Rachael!! We are all SO excited about the arrival of her little one in April - and I was pretty darn excited to decorate for my first shower. Unfortunately the only picture I took of the finished living room was with my phone, but here it is:
The gift table was on the other side of the room, it also had some games on it and (my favorite!) the Name-That-Baby garland above it! I think everyone else really liked this game too -- I just had all the girls send me a baby pic of themselves once they'd RSVP and then everyone had to match the baby to the adult at the shower - so fun!

The gals.
Then it was time for eating, games, and presents!! I didn't really get any good pictures of the dining room - but we had the best eats!! Christa and Megan each brought something to supplement the things Emily and I were providing and we had the nicest spread. Here are some images of Rachael opening her presents - the best reaction by far was for the NKOTB onesie and bib - way to go Emily!!

Thank you for driving back to Lexington Rachael so all your friends here could dote on you for an afternoon. I CAN'T WAIT to get the phone call from your mom that your darling girl is on her way!!!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Pete's New Toy

Friday evening February 19, 2010 Pete's new toy arrived. Quite possibly the most involving game we've had in our house yet. And I even had the high score out of the four of us (Matt, Mike, me and Pete) for a whole 24-hours!!!!

The next day, of course, Pete surpassed me by 100,000,000 points.

Here it is arriving.
Then we had to get it in the house. (I say we, but I had nothing to do with it)

Next it was time to set it up.

Pete's most recent high score: 308,704,840
mine: 108,278,400
Sylvain's (and he's only played it on one day): 167,819,170