Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, I've got a few pictures to share, so I figured it was time to post. Last weekend was our trip to Texas -- and what a trip down memory lane it was! Friday night Pete got to witness his first West Texas high school football game. The Coogs were victorious against Hereford, and I think he had a pretty good time.
(Pete makes quite the Cooper Cougar face!)

Saturday night was the 'official' reunion dinner at MCM Elegante (sounds fancy, but it's just the Embassy Suites with a new name) where we were made to wear these LOVELY tags! Pete says my face looks like I was having some sort of allergic reaction to something! (nice, huh?)
(I thought the name tags were really cute -- and showed a lot of hard work had been put into them!)

It was really great to see everyone. There wasn't much time to visit at the dinner, but luckily Doodle's parents invited everyone to come over to their house afterwards for more catch up time -- I was terrible with my camera, though! Two days in Texas and I came home with three photographs -- I was too busy chatting it up to pose, I guess! Here are two that I did get:
Ian, me, Julie, and Nick

me and Leigh Ann

I was SO glad Leigh Ann caught us just as we were leaving -- I've kept up with her life for the last little while through her blog, but it was GREAT to chat -- even if only for a few minutes!

Early Sunday morning we flew back to Kentucky and had a week that just flew by! I had a midterm in Audiology at 9am on Monday (we get our test back tomorrow morning -- fingers crossed that I did well!). Friday night Pete and I went on a 'date' to see Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist -- it was really cute. Saturday we met Rachael, Sylvain, & Emily at Keeneland -- what a beautiful day to be at the races! I didn't win any of my bets, but pretty much everyone else did and we had a really good time.
We left Keeneland around 3:30pm to go home, change clothes, and head to Louisville for the evening. We were meeting Pete's sister , Audrey and her husband, Andrew to see Actors Theatre's performance of DRACULA. I'd never seen it before -- it was good -- the costumes, makeup, sound effects, etc. were really impressive. Count Dracula reminded me a little bit of Borat, but what can you do?

So that's about it from our house. We returned to choir practice this Wednesday as well and got the 'assignments' for our Christmas Program on Dec. 7th -- we're singing the Christmas Oratorio by Camille Saint-Saens -- and I'm singing the 3rd movement (eek!) So if you're in the area -- come hear us sing (Pete is featured in an octet as well) -- we have a guest bedroom! Happy Fall!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Muh, Muh, Muh MY FIONA!!

So....before all the mess with my mom last month, at the very end of August, Pete caught me with my guard way (WAY!) down....

I - probably against my better judgement - told him we could get a 2nd dog. Four days after we adopted her Melanie was having mini-pooch sessions over at Ashland, and I was her assistant. One of our clients came 30min early, so I called Pete and told him that if he and the new dog could get over there in 10min, we could have the session that opened up.

It seemed only right that Melanie should take the new dog's picture so that I could announce her to the world wide web. She has, after all, already taken pictures of me and Pete and Hannah (who will always be numero uno dog in my heart).

Without further ado --

here she is, our newest, pretty-darn cute puppy ---FIONA!!!

She's from Woodford Humane Society, and she's about 9mos old (8mos in the picture). We can't take credit for her name, that's what they called her at the shelter, but it's a good one! She weighs 40lbs now, the vet thinks she won't top out at more than 44lbs -- which is good, we'd hate for her to get bigger than the Han! We don't know what breed she is, but figure she's some kind of coon hound -- thank God, she's not a howler! We had a nice time running around Ashland, taking all sorts of pictures. Here's another one of my favorites:

(hello? Henry Clay? are you home?)

Fiona and Hannah are slowly becoming friends, but they can cause a serious ruckus in the house -- especially when I'm trying to study! WHICH I need to get back to as I have two tests tomorrow -- fingers crossed that I do well on them!! (I need to line up my letters of recommendation for grad school) Later!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Keep on Keepin' on

Well, in case any of you have missed us, life does roll along at Casa Crawford. I had to go right back to school after getting home from my mom's service, and, while I find it hard to concentrate sometimes, it's good to keep busy.

Pete and I have had some packed weekends lately and October will be no exception. Last Saturday was Race for the Cure, which we both ran in our UK Communication Disorders tie-dyed pink shirts. Saturday night we drove to Cincinnati to have dinner with Rachael & Sylvain and Anne & Andy. Afterwards we went to Andy's [surprise] 30th Birthday Party and had a nice time. The band was awesome!

Sunday we tried to rescue our backyard from its summer of neglect -- I worked on the wisteria while Pete hacked back other weeds and pruned trees. Sunday night we drove to Louisville to have dinner with Audrey & Andrew at their house with Pete's Nana and Uncle Rick.

This weekend we're going to see Ben Folds in Louisville, and next weekend is my 10-YR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION! We weren't sure if we were going to go but at the last minute decided it might be fun. I'm excited to take Pete to a West Texas high school football game (though I hear Cooper is no good anymore now that we've been taken down a district, but that's another story).

Sorry there aren't any pictures -- I've got some great ones coming, though: we had a mini-session with Melanie at the end of August and I'll be getting the images on Friday, so stay tuned!