Sunday, October 05, 2008

Muh, Muh, Muh MY FIONA!!

So....before all the mess with my mom last month, at the very end of August, Pete caught me with my guard way (WAY!) down....

I - probably against my better judgement - told him we could get a 2nd dog. Four days after we adopted her Melanie was having mini-pooch sessions over at Ashland, and I was her assistant. One of our clients came 30min early, so I called Pete and told him that if he and the new dog could get over there in 10min, we could have the session that opened up.

It seemed only right that Melanie should take the new dog's picture so that I could announce her to the world wide web. She has, after all, already taken pictures of me and Pete and Hannah (who will always be numero uno dog in my heart).

Without further ado --

here she is, our newest, pretty-darn cute puppy ---FIONA!!!

She's from Woodford Humane Society, and she's about 9mos old (8mos in the picture). We can't take credit for her name, that's what they called her at the shelter, but it's a good one! She weighs 40lbs now, the vet thinks she won't top out at more than 44lbs -- which is good, we'd hate for her to get bigger than the Han! We don't know what breed she is, but figure she's some kind of coon hound -- thank God, she's not a howler! We had a nice time running around Ashland, taking all sorts of pictures. Here's another one of my favorites:

(hello? Henry Clay? are you home?)

Fiona and Hannah are slowly becoming friends, but they can cause a serious ruckus in the house -- especially when I'm trying to study! WHICH I need to get back to as I have two tests tomorrow -- fingers crossed that I do well on them!! (I need to line up my letters of recommendation for grad school) Later!


Pocket said...

Not a howler? Really? I beg to differ based on the night I recently spent in your house.

I'm just kidding...she didn't howl at all. Just a little puppy whining, which was totally fine with me. I love those pics of your new baby. She's totally presh.

Good luck on your tests tomorrow! I'm sure you'll ace them with flying colors.

Tuba, or not tuba ... that is the question said...

Hope you were awesome on the tests! Cute dog. :) I'm so glad you guys don't have purse dogs....that would be weird.

Doodle Elliott said...

You don't need luck, you're smarter than 95% of the people I go to school with.

Kate said...

I happened upon this blog, and am so appreciating the giggles! As a two-dog family (we got our number two when we caught my husband with his guard was supposed to be a "baby fix," although since adopting dakota we have had two more babies...go figure), I can tell you that it is the best-- the dogs become (slowly) the best of friends, and on those busy no-time-for-a-walk days, they wear each other out (just make sure nothing breakable is in the way)! By the way, both our pooches are humane society rescues-- such a fantastic way to go!

Diana said...

just thought I would say hello- I live in lexington and saw your blog through the POE family- I went to Baylor with her. Your dogs are wonderful.