Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Five months.

In two-and-a-half weeks my baby girl will be half-a-year old.  thatisjustnotfair.  I mean, we all know that time flies when you have a little one, as it most certainly did with with Ellie, but when you have a not-so-little-one AND a little one, there's just no keeping track of every little minute like there was with number one.

Two Saturdays ago baby Caroline turned five months old and we took the official pics.  She was as sweet as she always is, and even happy to have her sister join her in a shot or two.  At five months old Caroline weighed 17lbs, 6oz.  Forgot to take her length.

Caroline has been sitting unassisted for about three weeks now - she sits up and gazes into her sisters eyes and wonders at Fiona sitting not so far away.  She squawks now if we put her on her back because she'd rather be sitting up and looking at the world around her.

The only other remarkable thing last month was that Caroline had her first cold.  Ellie came home from school with a runny nose and by the end of the week we all had it.  So Caroline got to experience the fun that is a bulb syringe multiple times a day.  She loved it.  notsomuch.

Oh!  forgot about Valentine's Day!  Caroline's first Valentine's - she got two valentines, one from each of her parents, and flowers from her daddy.  The boys are going to have a hard time prying the Crawford girls away from their daddy.

Photo dump from my phone:  

Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Snowy Day(s)


One winter morning Peter woke up and looked out the window.  Snow had fallen overnight, it covered everything he dusted the rooftops and almost covered the grass.

The polar vortex has given us a chilly few weeks in the bluegrass.  Last weekend Ellie had several chances to play out in the snow.  Day one, we spent however long getting her bundled up, and she wasn't outside for even five minutes before she wanted to go back inside.  (not even long enough for Pete to take a picture with his phone.) It was only 18 degrees out, so we gave her the benefit of the doubt, and came back in to have hot cocoa.  She loved it.  Or at least the challenge in getting the marshmallows.

Saturday afternoon we tried again.  It was much warmer, so we asked her if she'd like to play in the snow after nap.  Again, she was very into the idea of playing in the snow.  Once out there, she didn't want to make a snowman or a snow angel or pose by the snowman Daddy made for her.  She just wanted to go inside and "get hot chocolate."  Caroline was more of a trooper.

Then Sunday rolled around.  We got a text that the neighborhood girls were going sledding at noon over at the big hill at the Shriner's hospital.  Sledding?!?  Friends?!?!  Surely she would have fun this time.  It was even a balmy 40 degrees outside.  Ellie did have fun this time, and she didn't ask to go home/inside.  But she flat out refused to sled with me or Pete.  Every time.  Pete forced her to go down with him a few times and she always enjoyed herself, but by the time they got back to the top of the hill, she didn't want to sled anymore.  Then Carson went down by herself, and Ellie tried going down by herself on her tummy, and we had a convert!!  Suddenly she wanted to go every time and had to wait until there was a free saucer.  Caroline was great for about an hour, even going down a few times with me, but then she was ready for her nap and made sure everyone knew it.  So I took her back to the car and took off a few layers before loading her into her car seat while Pete and Ellie went down the hill a few more times.  Then we got home and both girls took great naps.

Also, Ellie has turned into a big girl overnight and has started doing things like this:

And Fi and Caroline remain good friends, sharing sunbeams and tummy time. 


This week was calm - but we've got 3-5 more inches forecast for tonight - so who knows if we will have even more snowy adventures!