Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Five months.

In two-and-a-half weeks my baby girl will be half-a-year old.  thatisjustnotfair.  I mean, we all know that time flies when you have a little one, as it most certainly did with with Ellie, but when you have a not-so-little-one AND a little one, there's just no keeping track of every little minute like there was with number one.

Two Saturdays ago baby Caroline turned five months old and we took the official pics.  She was as sweet as she always is, and even happy to have her sister join her in a shot or two.  At five months old Caroline weighed 17lbs, 6oz.  Forgot to take her length.

Caroline has been sitting unassisted for about three weeks now - she sits up and gazes into her sisters eyes and wonders at Fiona sitting not so far away.  She squawks now if we put her on her back because she'd rather be sitting up and looking at the world around her.

The only other remarkable thing last month was that Caroline had her first cold.  Ellie came home from school with a runny nose and by the end of the week we all had it.  So Caroline got to experience the fun that is a bulb syringe multiple times a day.  She loved it.  notsomuch.

Oh!  forgot about Valentine's Day!  Caroline's first Valentine's - she got two valentines, one from each of her parents, and flowers from her daddy.  The boys are going to have a hard time prying the Crawford girls away from their daddy.

Photo dump from my phone:  


Karen L. Reese said...

I admit, this thing really grosses me out conceptually, but it comes so highly recommended I thought I'd share it with you as an alternative to the bulb:

Pocket said...

(If Karen Reese just posted the Nose Frida, we bought one with Margot because I couldn't physically get her to use a bulb and it's FANTASTIC!! Sylvain won't touch it, but I totally love it. Meredith recommended it. It's amazing.)

Anyway, LOVE YOUR PICTURES!! That girl is so expressive! Such a sweetie. And oh my, that precious Ellie. She turned into a big kid overnight! Love the pics of them together. They will be best friends forever!

Keeping up with the photos for #2 is super hard, and you're doing an awesome job! Those weekly photos are crazy impressive! And you decorated your house for Valentine's Day, so you win the Martha Momma of the year award! You have a beautiful family and we need to get together SOON!

Laura said...

Hey Karen and Rachael, we have a Nose Frieda from Ellie's wee days. Yes it's gross, but it totally works. Luckily, this wasn't a nose so runny that we needed it.