Thursday, January 29, 2009

We obviously have too much time on our hands

but what else are we supposed to to when iced in?

Here's the video of Josie in the snow -- and a glance at our front yard:

Also, a few years ago my brother sent us a cat toy for Josie. She didn't like it and we forgot about it. I happened upon it while digging in our game closet and Fiona went nuts!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

though the weather outside is frightful...

So we got our ice storm last night, and then this morning we got about 2" of snow on top of the ice. UK finally canceled classes around 6am, which is good because there's no way I would try to drive in this. Pete and I walked to Kroger after playing in the snowy fields at the elementary school.

It seems silly that we own these, but we TOTALLY used them last night when we we walking around outside (I should have used them on campus yesterday but i was silly and assumed the university would salt since they didn't cancel classes -- I was SO wrong)
YakTrax!!! They're like ice chains for your shoes -- Pete and I got them when I used to work at John's and they come in very handy (albeit rarely).

The other thing we were SO lucky to have today are 2 of these:
and here's why....

I told Pete he was jinxing us when we bought them, but I seem to have been wrong (unless you count all the ice and fallen trees, of course)

Unfortunately, after we had all our fun, it was time to come home and clean up the messes in our front and back yards.

Poor apple tree -- we just hope the right side doesn't also fall down or we'll lose electricity for sure -- the electric cable into our house is tangled in all that mess.

If you're reading this -- hopefully that means you are safe and warm somewhere!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Good day!!

Yay for a day with no school!! I know the semester just began, but it's NICE to have a 3-day weekend right off the bat. We met Rachael & Sylvain and Mike in Louisville for lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe and had the best food! Mike and Pete and I each had the Matador (yummy omelet with biscuts), Sylvain had a mushroom omelet, and Rachael was good and had a salad.

It was good to see our friends and hang out for a bit -- thanks guys!!

***next time we visit it'll have to be on a day when Cake Flour on Market is open -- I'm dying to go there!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

we're home!

We have been for almost a week but have been going nonstop since then it seems. Anyway, Happy 2009 to all of you! We've been busy around here, getting ready for classes to start Wednesday, hosting parties, painting the guest bedroom, etc.

Thanks so much for reading about us -- I love to share my thoughts and photos with you -- stay tuned for what's sure to be an exciting year!!

Here are a few favorites from our trip...enjoy!

the view from our terrace

drinking coconut milk with Milan

the view from the shoulder of Petit Piton

Happy New Year!

Our day sail up to Marigot Bay

The trip back to Soufriere (after the wind died and they rolled up the sails)