Monday, January 19, 2009

Good day!!

Yay for a day with no school!! I know the semester just began, but it's NICE to have a 3-day weekend right off the bat. We met Rachael & Sylvain and Mike in Louisville for lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe and had the best food! Mike and Pete and I each had the Matador (yummy omelet with biscuts), Sylvain had a mushroom omelet, and Rachael was good and had a salad.

It was good to see our friends and hang out for a bit -- thanks guys!!

***next time we visit it'll have to be on a day when Cake Flour on Market is open -- I'm dying to go there!!


Diana said...

how funny.. on our day off today we headed out to Louisville to the Cheescake Factory.. Somthing about getting out of town. I'll have to try that Paradise place... it seems quirky.. I like quirky!.

Tammy said...

HI! like your new "look" of you blog :)

Pocket said...

Hooray for food and friends! Two of my favorite things.

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

thank you!!! It wouldn't be a new baby without Charlie!! :)