Monday, August 18, 2008

What a Weekend!!

Well, Saturday was a first for me -- I went to my first State Fair ever!! Pete and Emily and I drove to Louisville to meet Rachael and Sylvain and head over to the Kentucky Fair Grounds. We had a great time looking at all the livestock and vegetables, mullets, and Rebel Pride (it almost seemed like we were in Arkansas again!)
No seriously, the animals were great, and produce was VERY impressive. Then we went to the FOOD COURT where we saw the funniest signs known to man.

(Emily w/her Meat Mountains)

and lastly, our favorite...

In the car on the way over I had said something about if they had Fried Snickers, we would have to try it -- so I was the first to take the plunge, and then we all did our duty. I think I can still feel it somewhere in my lower intestines.

Sunday was my 28th birthday. Pete and I sang in a quartet in church, then we went to the co-op for lunch before heading over to the Woodland Art Fair. I think we were both still tired from the fair because we didn't stay for very long. Sunday evening we went for a nice ride on our new bicycles!!! We rode for 13.3 miles all around Chevy Chase and had a good time.

After our ride we watched a little of the olympics before ordering Abuelo's takeout for dinner --yum! We had Netflixed 'Death at a Funeral' and were excited about a relaxing night spent 'in'! It was nearly 11:00pm when we remembered we hadn't eaten any of the cake Pete slaved over all afternoon! So Pete quickly put some candles in it and sang to me, and we tasted its 3-layer goodness -- two layers of chocolate cake with a middle layer of BROWNIE!! -- somebody's been watching Ace of Cakes!!

We had to go to bed right after cake time because I had to be at the Prometric Testing Center at 7:30am to take the GRE!!! It was long, and cold in the room, and I couldn't have a bottle of water with me, but I survived and scored pretty well. Whew. Hope your weekend was as adventurous!! (if you want to see ALL the state fair pics, click here)