Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pregnant in Heels

We have given this girl every opportunity to have a crazy birth story - Murphy's Law is totally letting us down this week.

Friday night we spent 2 hours in our basement because of a tornado warning - perfect time to go into labor, we've had several severe thunderstorms since then, none of which would be fun for driving to the hospital, and.....nothing.

Saturday we went to see a movie - Water for Elephants (it was REALLY good!) - how embarrassing would it have been to have my water break in the middle of a movie?!?!?

Today, Easter Sunday, seemed like the perfect time to make for another unfortunate situation; I was wearing a nice dress, nice shoes, and sang the Hallelujah Chorus with about as much gusto as I could muster. Again.....nothing.

This afternoon we went for a four-mile walk, we've tried everything!!

But babies come when they're ready, not when we want them to, so we continue to wait. Thanks for all your kind thoughts - we promise to update when there's news!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

any guesses?

I find myself wondering how big Baby Girl will be when she decides to make her entrance to this wonderful world. I weighed 6lbs, 7oz when I was born (I don't know how long I was) and Pete weighed 8lbs, 10oz and was 21 1/4" long.

Here I am at 40 weeks, not really looking like I'll go into labor soon. Oh well. As long as she's healthy and I'm healthy, I have no reason to complain.


So how big do you all think she'll be? How long?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Still Pregnant!

Wouldn't you want to follow a labor plan if it was given to you in this format?

I am certainly hoping so. AND I got a giant new 32oz tervis tumbler. Doesn't it look baby-girl-delivery-room fantastic?!?
Here's a pic of me last Tuesday - when I was 39 weeks:

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bye Bye Bee-Bo

It finally happened - my belly button has gone to hide. It hasn't popped out - just pretty much flattened so there's only a little lip of skin protruding. Fear not - no naked belly pics here - or anywhere else, but here I am in all my 38-week glory.

And I'm wearing a different shirt!! Hallelujah! It has warmed up just enough here that I don't have to wear the same four long-sleeved shirts. Granted, I only have 2ish weeks left so I only snagged a few tees at Target, but even a little variety helps me feel better.

AND WE FINISHED THE NURSERY!! YAY!! I think it turned out really well - warm and welcoming, not too pinky pink, but definitely a space for a girl. After I took this picture yesterday I whisked the pillow on the glider off to have a giant letter monogrammed on the middle so it will be personalized too.

Since our nursery space is limited, we also have some baby things on the landing by the stairs, across from the door to her room.

Don't worry - her door is not the little one on the right - that is our walkout attic. We have all her books in the bookshelf and stuffed animals in baskets under the sideboard.

So there you have it! Our house is ready, our car is ready, I just need to make it to the 15th to finish my school rotation and everything will be set!

Monday, April 04, 2011

The Final Countdown

We're full into prepare-for-baby-mode at our house. Saturday we installed the car seat - and had it checked by a certified installation person. It was a very informative 30-40 minutes at Mother Nurture/Baby Moon. I love that we have them as a resource!

sorry for the poor picture quality - it might have helped if I had taken the car out of the garage, but it's all rainy here today so there's not much sunlight

A few weeks ago Pete assembled the stroller. We thought it would take some serious work, so I got out the camera to document the assembly, but it was super-easy! (much easier than the jumperoo - which is also all ready to go)

I picked up the monogrammed outfit on Saturday - it is PERFECT! Can't wait to put Baby Girl in it!!

Audrey made us a pillow for our glider and I have 5 prints to hang in the room - then I can 'reveal' the nursery! It's all coming together - now we just need a little person - eek!