Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bye Bye Bee-Bo

It finally happened - my belly button has gone to hide. It hasn't popped out - just pretty much flattened so there's only a little lip of skin protruding. Fear not - no naked belly pics here - or anywhere else, but here I am in all my 38-week glory.

And I'm wearing a different shirt!! Hallelujah! It has warmed up just enough here that I don't have to wear the same four long-sleeved shirts. Granted, I only have 2ish weeks left so I only snagged a few tees at Target, but even a little variety helps me feel better.

AND WE FINISHED THE NURSERY!! YAY!! I think it turned out really well - warm and welcoming, not too pinky pink, but definitely a space for a girl. After I took this picture yesterday I whisked the pillow on the glider off to have a giant letter monogrammed on the middle so it will be personalized too.

Since our nursery space is limited, we also have some baby things on the landing by the stairs, across from the door to her room.

Don't worry - her door is not the little one on the right - that is our walkout attic. We have all her books in the bookshelf and stuffed animals in baskets under the sideboard.

So there you have it! Our house is ready, our car is ready, I just need to make it to the 15th to finish my school rotation and everything will be set!


Tammy said...

what a cute nursery! love the Eric Carle caterpillar. I love when Kohl's does the $5 books and stuffed animals - sometimes they do Dr. Seuss too. You look great! not long now :)

Rachael said...

Yippee!!!! I know you have to make it to the 15th, but I can't WAIT ANYMORE!!!! That little girl needs to GET HERE RIGHT NOW!!!

She'll be so happy and snuggly in that sweet little room. I want to sit in that glider and cuddle with her all day long!

Meredith said...

love, love, LOVE her room!! It is girly without being SUPER girly! Can't wait to meet her and see pictures of her in that sweet little crib! Oh and the photo of you and Pete above the crib, such a nice touch :)

jenni said...

my fav is the butterly mobile, the bird wall art and the picture in the bookshelf <3 melted me!