Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pregnant in Heels

We have given this girl every opportunity to have a crazy birth story - Murphy's Law is totally letting us down this week.

Friday night we spent 2 hours in our basement because of a tornado warning - perfect time to go into labor, we've had several severe thunderstorms since then, none of which would be fun for driving to the hospital, and.....nothing.

Saturday we went to see a movie - Water for Elephants (it was REALLY good!) - how embarrassing would it have been to have my water break in the middle of a movie?!?!?

Today, Easter Sunday, seemed like the perfect time to make for another unfortunate situation; I was wearing a nice dress, nice shoes, and sang the Hallelujah Chorus with about as much gusto as I could muster. Again.....nothing.

This afternoon we went for a four-mile walk, we've tried everything!!

But babies come when they're ready, not when we want them to, so we continue to wait. Thanks for all your kind thoughts - we promise to update when there's news!!


Pocket said...

You look fierce! I love this pic.

Tell that baby girl she has to wait another week, because Aunt Rachael is really busy this week, so a weekend would really work best for me :)

Love you!!

lesli said...

Dang, sister! You look FABULOUS! Being 10 months pregnant agrees with you! Hope your precious girl comes soon! Can't wait to see pictures=)

Jennifer said...

Love the update! When I saw the title I thought it might be about that new show- I think of you whenever it's on, not because you're pregnanat, but because Rosie REALLY needs a speech therapist, it annoys me so much when she talks that I can't really watch the show. Enjoy your massage today!