Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Less than two months to go!

Well here I am at 32 weeks. I am still feeling good, though people at work are starting to say things like, "you've really popped!" and "you look bigger every day!" The ladies saying these things all have children and I want to ask them if it made them feel good to have people comment on your size every day of the week!!! I really doubt it did. I think the real reason I'm a Grumpy Gus is because I am nearing the 20-pound mark with my weight gain and I have yet to wrap my mind around it mentally. And I'm feeling pressure to have the nursery finished - which it SO isn't!! We have no glider, no side table, no lamp, and I'm still waiting on the prints I ordered from etsy several weeks ago to arrive. I am also still looking for the perfect thing to go on the main wall behind the crib.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow - hopefully hearing the heartbeat again will ease some of my worries and get me back in the correct mindset. Also, if anyone wants to help me do my comps presentation - please call!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Laundry

Saturday I did my first load of wee-one wash!! I've been antsy to put things in the dresser but hadn't purchased any baby detergent, so I was holding off. I decided to go with Ecover - we already use their dishwasher detergent and love it. It is free of optical brighteners, low sudsing, and plant based, so if our baby has sensitive skin (like her red-headed dad) it should be okay.

Pete and I have bought a fair amount of clothing but I only washed things we bought for the nursery like crib sheets or items that have been given to us as gifts - which seeing that we have super-generous friends and family who started lavishing us with stuff as early as Christmas made a pretty nice-sized load:

Doesn't that make for the prettiest load of laundry?!?! All pink and green (with the occasional navy item) - I love it!

Hopefully there will be a 32-week post tomorrow - I was feeling frumpy this morning and didn't want my picture taken. Maybe tomorrow I will be in a better mood :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guest of Honor

Rachael and Audrey are throwing me a baby shower next Saturday and I couldn't be more excited about my special guest: GRANDMA PRANN!!!!

She's flying in on Friday and back out again Sunday afternoon but I am as happy as I could be that she agreed to come. Anyone who has known me for more than say two minutes knows I completely idolize and adore my Grandma - we've always been really close and that bond has only grown stronger since my mom passed away. In November my Grandpa passed away and I was so glad that she and I had a few days to sit together before Thanksgiving at my Aunt Susie's and just talk and talk, sharing memories, laughing and crying. When I call her at home she answers the phone and says, "Oh Laura!" as though she couldn't imagine anyone else she'd rather speak to.

Last March I flew to Florida for spring break and spent the whole week at their house - just me and Grandma and Grandpa. It was great! I'm so glad to have made those memories with both of them. Here's a picture of me and Grandma at Sharky's on Venice Beach:

and again this November on Thanksgiving:

Can't wait to see her!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

30 weeks down, 10 to go....

...and I'm getting bigger by the DAY!! Some days it definitely feels like that, but since I'm supposed to grow a centimeter a week, I guess I shouldn't make a big deal of it. I still have a belly button, but it is shallower (more shallow?) than it used to be. Cool development: now I can tell where she is - what is a foot, her bum, or her hands. Can't discern yet whether or not she has The Carter Big Toe :)
Forgive the name badge in the pictures - neither Pete nor I noticed until after the fact.

Nursery-wise, I don't have much of an update. Our dresser has arrived with it's changing top, but we are still waiting on the changing pad to get a complete picture. We've hung some shelves but I'm still waiting on a few prints for the walls and our glider won't arrive for another 3 weeks. Here is a teaser until I can post a grander reveal.

I feel like I have been pretty restrained when it comes to buying clothes for our little one. But occasionally there is something I just can't resist. Like this outfit from Boden.

Or this little dress from Baby Gap. Can you say Fourth of July?

On Monday when my Boden package arrived, we also had a box from Jan and Umpah!! Jan lovingly knit us this darling sweater set for the Wee One's arrival. Thanks Jan!! You'll have another person calling you Nana Jan in no time :)

Those are all the baby updates that I can think of.

School updates: I passed the Speech-Language Pathology Praxis!! Also, the faculty chose from the three case studies I submitted last week and I know which case I will present for my oral comps. I can't really say anything about the client, but his therapy focuses on aural habilitation using the Auditory Verbal approach. I have 3-4 weeks to find evidence-based research to back his therapy and write it up in a 25-slide powerpoint presentation with accompanying handout. More intimidatingly, I also have to prepare to answer any question the faculty may ask me after my presentation, whether it is related to my case in particular or any other area in our field. My fingers are crossed that they will have mercy on my 36-week pregnant self and ask me easy questions like, "what colors are you using in your nursery?" So I definitely have a lot on my plate these days - please forgive if my blog posts are even fewer and farther in between!!