Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Laundry

Saturday I did my first load of wee-one wash!! I've been antsy to put things in the dresser but hadn't purchased any baby detergent, so I was holding off. I decided to go with Ecover - we already use their dishwasher detergent and love it. It is free of optical brighteners, low sudsing, and plant based, so if our baby has sensitive skin (like her red-headed dad) it should be okay.

Pete and I have bought a fair amount of clothing but I only washed things we bought for the nursery like crib sheets or items that have been given to us as gifts - which seeing that we have super-generous friends and family who started lavishing us with stuff as early as Christmas made a pretty nice-sized load:

Doesn't that make for the prettiest load of laundry?!?! All pink and green (with the occasional navy item) - I love it!

Hopefully there will be a 32-week post tomorrow - I was feeling frumpy this morning and didn't want my picture taken. Maybe tomorrow I will be in a better mood :)


Tammy said...

do I see the little turtle outfit from Gap? The first time they put that out I was about to buy it HA! - glad you got a piece from that collection - I thought it was just perfect :) Pink and green is too cute. Lots of blue and brown here at our hosue :)

Pocket said...

Your alliterative skills amaze me.

Love the birdie shirt on top! Just wait until you're folding your four hundredth load of baby clothes while sitting on the couch, struggling to keep your eyes open. All of a sudden you'll have a moment of clarity, where you realize that folding small, tiny clothes used to be something you dreamed about, and it won't be something you're allowed to do forever. Then you'll hold up something that's too small for her and you'll get all choked up!