Monday, April 30, 2007

Let Me Give You The Low Down....

I was in CRAZY FOR YOU! We had an awesome, tiring, amazing 4-day run in the Opera House. I can't decide if I'm sad that it's all over --I'll have to let you know what it feels like to have my evenings free again in a few days. But right now I am definitely enjoying sitting on the back deck writing this blog and not rushing off to rehearsal. I'm sure I will miss it though, it was really fun to prepare for such a big event, and it went off with only a few hitches. The scenery and costumes were huge --a once in a lifetime kindof thing, and I am so happy to have been a part of it. I also met a large group of new people and we've got plans to get together for the next few weekends to celebrate various events --The Derby, a birthday, we'll have everyone over for a cookout sometime--so hopefully I won't lose touch with all the great people I've met and gotten to know.

There was a professional photographer who took some photos during the show, so maybe I'll have some of those pics in a few weeks. Also, there is a DVD being made, so we can let those of you who live far away borrow it if you'd like. Here are a few snapshots we were able to take backstage.

Me and Mary

Follies Girls Opening Number

My first costume of the night (I loved my gold-sequin tube top!)

We Can't Be Bothered Now!


We've Got Rhythm

Nice Work If You Can Get It

My Finale Costume

Me and Mary after the Finale

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Internet Returns!!

Well, we've been without internet for three long days, but the cable guys finally fixed it this afternoon so I'm able to post about the many goings on at Camp Crawford in the past few days. I am still getting over strep throat, but thanks to penicillin I'm feeling better and if I drink enough Throat Coat during the day, I can sing pretty well at the show each night. I'm not going to post any show pictures until at least tomorrow because I haven't gotten enough good ones. So I'll write about the show when I post the pictures.

Right now, I just want to thank mom and dad for coming to Lexington and spending the day with me and Pete! We had a great afternoon --went to Wallace Station in Woodford County for lunch before heading out to Keeneland for a day at the race track. It was raining when we got there and looking like we were going to have a pretty miserable afternoon, but the skies cleared up and we were able to enjoy a few sunny moments! We also had quite a winning streak going, which always makes for a more enjoyable time. Dad cleared the most profit with $27 dollars on a $2 bet for Rogue Scholar to win.

I think mom had the most fun seeing the horses, she is, after all, still a kid at heart.

Mom and Dad in their matching Keeneland shirts.

.Mom watching the horses load, waiting for the race to begin.

And they're off!

After Keeneland, we went home and I took a nap before heading to the Opera house for the show. I had to be there at six, the curtain wasn't until eight. Mom, Dad, Pete, and five of our friends all came to opening night --thanks again guys! I think they had a good time, it's definitely a lively show from a visual aspect, and who doesn't love Gershwin? I don't have any pictures of me with my folks after show, but I'm sure if we beg/overflow his inbox with emails, he will send me one from his camera and I'll post it. After the show we came home and chatted for a bit before heading to bed. We were in for an early morning as mom and dad needed to to be dropped off at the airport at 6:30. But it was great to have them here, even for a short amount of time!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's Finished!!

...well, almost. Enough that people can come over tomorrow and my parents can arrive on Wednesday and it won't be a big deal. We still have to set all the nail heads and fill the cracks with putty. But other than that, Pete finished the largest remodeling project he's undertaken yet for our house. I say Pete finished because, really, all I did was paint some panels last Sunday when I had the afternoon off. Otherwise, Pete did all the work each night while I was at rehearsal. Here are some pictures, let us know what you think!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Fun-Filled Easter

Today was the first Sunday in I don't know how long that I haven't had rehearsal from 2-5pm. So Pete and I were pretty excited about having a whole day together! We decided to go to the early service at church so our afternoon would be free as well. We don't have a tripod so there aren't any picture of us in our Easter finery, but there is this lovely photo of Pete devouring a Peep:

When we got home from church it was too early to start on brunch, so we decided to take Hannah to the dog park to see if she could do any holiday socializing. She LOVES getting to ride in the car.

We were the only ones there for a few minutes but then Henry and his owner arrived, and, what can I say, it was love at first sight.

A little while longer Gus and his owner arrived, and he made fast friends with Hannah and Henry.

By the time we were ready to go, Hannah was as happy and exhausted as she gets. She went from this....

to this

in about 30 seconds.

So we went home and it was time to prepare our Easter lunch -- we were starving. Pete had gotten us a Honey Baked Ham on Thursday, so preparation wasn't a big deal. We ate that with some Hawaiian King rolls, steamed sugar snap peas, and some stuffing for Pete. I made a not-so-tasty Weight Watchers recipe carrot cake for dessert, but I put pink Peeps Bunnies around the border on the frosting, and those will improve anything. :)

After lunch we went to Home Depot to pick out the right shade of white so we could paint our beadboard and get going with our stalled dining room project. We decided on Ralph Lauren Petticoat White and got to work.

I borrowed a miter saw from Steve at work, so hopefully tomorrow we'll cut and install the new baseboards and then we'll really be making progress!

We had more ham (surprise!) for a light dinner and then we decided we needed to work off some of our Easter candy, and since it's so cold outside (see last post), we broke out the Dance Dance Revolution! Laugh if you want, but it's TONS of fun.

So that's it from Camp Crawford for Easter 2007. Hope everyone had a good day --and for those of you with kiddos, hurry up and send me some pictures!!! :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

I'm all for snow but...

Not on my tulips!!

In other news...

Josie and Hannah seem to have reached some sort of detante.