Monday, April 30, 2007

Let Me Give You The Low Down....

I was in CRAZY FOR YOU! We had an awesome, tiring, amazing 4-day run in the Opera House. I can't decide if I'm sad that it's all over --I'll have to let you know what it feels like to have my evenings free again in a few days. But right now I am definitely enjoying sitting on the back deck writing this blog and not rushing off to rehearsal. I'm sure I will miss it though, it was really fun to prepare for such a big event, and it went off with only a few hitches. The scenery and costumes were huge --a once in a lifetime kindof thing, and I am so happy to have been a part of it. I also met a large group of new people and we've got plans to get together for the next few weekends to celebrate various events --The Derby, a birthday, we'll have everyone over for a cookout sometime--so hopefully I won't lose touch with all the great people I've met and gotten to know.

There was a professional photographer who took some photos during the show, so maybe I'll have some of those pics in a few weeks. Also, there is a DVD being made, so we can let those of you who live far away borrow it if you'd like. Here are a few snapshots we were able to take backstage.

Me and Mary

Follies Girls Opening Number

My first costume of the night (I loved my gold-sequin tube top!)

We Can't Be Bothered Now!


We've Got Rhythm

Nice Work If You Can Get It

My Finale Costume

Me and Mary after the Finale


jenni said...

can't believe I missed saturdays blog...

I def want to borrow the dvd.. Looks like you had fun!

andsozyouroldman said...

We love the new pics

Seeing it live was even better.

Love to see the DVD!!!!

Tammy said...

Hey Laura! Sure wish we could have seen the show. DVD sounds great! Glad you had fun :)

My kid is cute said...

LOVE the headdresses! Sounds like it was really fun. The DVD will have to make the rounds, I guess. I sure wish we could've gotten to KY to see the show in person!

As an aside -- I'm thinking about Wicked as a halftime show for next year. One of the band kids will be painted green for the show. I'm trying to figure out how I can make a band person appear to fly. Anyway, I thought the resident Broadway fanatic would enjoy that!