Monday, July 13, 2009

So apparently some of you actually want me to continue writing a blog. Okay, well not some of you, but Rachael; Rachael wants a new blog entry, so here goes:

Nothing too exciting going on around here. Yes, we did move into a new house 2-3 weeks ago, and that is VERY exciting, but we're not done yet so I'm waiting until we're all unpacked to post pictures of our new abode. (we did get some topiaries yesterday to go on either side of the front door that I'm pretty excited about, maybe i'll post a pic of them soon)

Josie is keeping up with her habit of hacking up strange and colorful things during the night so I recently purchased my new favorite thing: The Spot Bot! Put it on a stain, press the button, and walk away! Come back in 3 to 6 minutes and it's gone -- thank you Bissell for changing my carpet-scrubbing life. (we've had it for a week and have used it 6+ times)Other than that, it's been all school all the time for me -- and I just got a GA position today so that means I'll see even LESS of Pete (but YAY for an extra job that will look good on my resume!)

For Pete his weekends have been all Tour de France all the time -- Mike and Matt came over Saturday and Sunday morning to watch le Tour in our basement - you know it has to be good for all these guys to be up and about at 8am on the weekends. On Sunday Sylvain and Rachael came over around 11am - the tour was already done for the day so the boys entertained themselves playing video games. Once they tired of video games they came out side to supervise me mowing the lawn -- that's right -- ME! -- Pete got me an awesome reel mower so we can mow the lawn in an environmentally friendly way now.
Anyway -- this paragraph isn't about me mowing the lawn, it's about how the boys FURTHER amused themselves. I'll just let you watch:

What can I say.....