Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pete was lamenting that there weren't any pictures to go with my ''Crazy For You" post. So let's all flash back eleven years:

I'm fourth from the left in this one.

And fifth from the left in this one.

Ahh, memories.
The past few days have been pretty busy for me, to say the least. Monday night after work, I had my Pilates reformer class, as usual. Tuesday, I had a callback for a show I auditioned for last Wednesday night. The show is "Crazy For You", a Gershwin musical I was in back in high school that's full of tap-dancing and crowd favorites like "Embraceable You" and "I've Got Rhythm". Wednesday was choir rehearsal. So it's work all day, get home, whip up a quick dinner, and go on to some activity. I'm writing this mainly to talk about the show audition. I show up at the audition last Wednesday with my prepared solo and my resume and my tap shoes in hand. Now I haven't danced in 6 years mind you, when I was in the chorus of Kiss Me Kate, but I thought it would come back to me like riding a bike. I was TOTALLY wrong! The choreographer said turn left, I turned right, I was on the wrong foot half the time, etc. But this is community theatre, so while there were some people that were better than me, there were also some that were worse. There were 14 of us that first night.
Last Friday I get a call telling me they'd like to see me again for a callback Tuesday night at 8PM. That was all she said, nothing about there being more dancing or anything. So I show up Tuesday night in what I wore to work -I had to work until 7- and there are 45 PEOPLE THERE! Apparently many, many more folks came to the second evening of auditions. I didn't leave the studio until 10:46PM Tuesday night. There was a session on readings, a session on dancing --where we did both the tap and jazz combos learned the week before --me wearing my nice green pants and gray sweater, I didn't even have a hair tie! --and then, at 10:26PM, after some people had been dismissed, we started the singing portion of the evening. AT 10:26 PM!! What kind of person can work an eight hour day, dance for an hour, and then sing two solos! Well, apparently, several much more talented gals than I can. Eight of us were in a room, we sang through "Naughty Baby" once as a group, then each individually. We did the same thing with "But Not For Me". Then, at long last, it was time to go home.
When this all started I had the mindset of 'I spent all of college being in the chorus, now I want to be one of the leads.' Well let me tell you, there are some talented folks hiding out in Lexington, KY. Not just good singers, but girls who can tap, too! I was so impressed watching other people dance, that I forgot to dance half the time. And when I arrived home, sure enough, there was dried blood on one of my toes. It was just like old times.
Anyway, I got a phone call today and I was cast as one of the Follies Girls. I'm really excited --I hope they don't put me in the back for every number, but it should be a good experience. I haven't done any music theatre since I moved to Lexington, and it IS my most favorite thing to do, so hopefully I'll have a good time. Plus, Pete has never seen me on stage --how weird is that?!?!
So, if you're in the area at the end of April, let me know and I'll get you tickets. This is one long post --my first ever without any pictures. Fear not though, Sheldon is almost done and he deserves a post of his very own.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Star is Born!

It's like I'm married to Professor Harold Hill!

Earlier this week when Pete was in Louisville he took his old trombone from his mom's house. He showed me his skills this afternoon in the kitchen. Now I know this is no Jacob Henry Carter video, but I think it's pretty entertaining. As a side note, I have no idea why I laugh like Mary Poppins. Enjoy!

P.S. Thanks again to Dad for the new camera that also takes small movies!!

P.P.S. Pete is concerned that it is not going to come across that he hasn't played the trombone in 8 years. So there. I've told you, and now you know not to expect too much. :D

Monday, January 01, 2007


We hope everyone had a good New Year's Eve, we did!

In honor of George Lucas being the Grand Marshall for the 2007 Rose Bowl Parade, we present Josie the cat, with her good friend Wicket.

2007 has already brought about several broken rules, the largest of which being animals on the furniture. I present to you, in full Technicolor, Hannah and Pete: BUSTED!

She is awfully serene, though.