Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Star is Born!

It's like I'm married to Professor Harold Hill!

Earlier this week when Pete was in Louisville he took his old trombone from his mom's house. He showed me his skills this afternoon in the kitchen. Now I know this is no Jacob Henry Carter video, but I think it's pretty entertaining. As a side note, I have no idea why I laugh like Mary Poppins. Enjoy!

P.S. Thanks again to Dad for the new camera that also takes small movies!!

P.P.S. Pete is concerned that it is not going to come across that he hasn't played the trombone in 8 years. So there. I've told you, and now you know not to expect too much. :D


Jacob Henry Carter said...

WOW! Uncle Queep... That's pretty cool. I didnt' know you played the trombone...Daddy said you have pretty good chops and a good ear too! It's cool that you can play trombone right side up AND sideways :) Maybe one day I'll play trombone too. Daddy says welcome to the Carter Band!

jenni said...

Pete - I think that was one skill you should have kept in the closet! Not that it was miserable or anything.. It was pretty good for a fella that hasn't played in 8 years.. but NOW there's talk of a BAND..
Guess I need to practice more on the piano/keyboard..
Love the laugh Laura! That's the best...

My kid is cute said...

There's always been a band. You should've heard Dad on flute, Pete on sax, and me on tuba playing Eye of the Tiger in our living room!

Pete, my Low Brass Brutha! Way to represent! I like the "Circle of 5ths" reference -- nice. I'm impressed.

Laura & Pete said...

OMG --two kindred spirits, joined over their love for the circle of 5ths and "Rocky".

Redhead Runner said...

I can play "Eye of the Tiger"!!!

andsozyouroldman said...

All you need now is 75 MORE!

Great playing! Glad Hannah liked it...the music AND the spit