Friday, February 20, 2009

when will the post of the day be MY choice?!?!

was SO excited when I got the email from Boden that every day in February a different item will be 25% off -- now I faithfully check every day hoping that the shirt I like and the little sweater will each have their day, and I won't feel too bad for buying more clothes. :)

Happy Friday!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

a fun (food) filled weekend

We had a nice, relaxing weekend at our house. We kind-of dropped the ball on planning for Valentine's Day, so we decided instead to go out on Friday night to one of our favorite restaurant's, Sal's.

Saturday morning Pete went for a long run (12 miles) while I stayed home and made flashcards (whoopee). I did a workout video while Pete went to the grocery store -- when he came home he had all the makings of a great dinner for two AND fresh flowers! We went to the co-op to get sushi for lunch, then drove around chevy chase looking at houses for sale. No, we're not house-hunting, but it never hurts to look, right? On the way home we stopped by Starbucks for some lattes.

I got back to the flashcards once we got home and Pete started on dinner. He slow-cooked a pork loin, roasted potatoes, and roasted asparagus --yum!

And then for dessert -- Pistachio cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory!!

We rounded out the evening by watching Sweet Home Alabama on t.v. -- we're serious movers and shakers, people.

Today was another great day around the house -- we went to Target, took the dogs to the dog park, watched West Wing dvds, Pete went for another run (while I made MORE flashcards) and then we got...wait for it...SONIC for dinner -- sin of sins, onion rings and hamburgers, but it was GOOD. :)

I have FINALLY finished my Language Development flashcards, so after this break I will start reviewing them...oh joy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

saw these last night when pete and i went to the mall:

*might* have to get them :)

i know i did this yesterday

but my brother's blog today is HILARIOUS (and personally embarassing) -- so it should be enjoyable all-around.

so put on your jams and a hypercolor shirt and head over to bald men need hats!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

another blog to visit today

nothing much going on a camp crawford...I'm posting this in between clinical observation at 11:30 and class at 1:00. I WOULD be eating lunch, but the PT students have pretty much taken over the student lounge, so I'm waiting for the dust to settle a bit before staking my claim in line by the microwaves.

SO...somewhere you SHOULD read about cool stuff today: melanie's blog! She posted images (and a slideshow) from Lauren and Barrett's wedding -- one of the rare weddings where I was her assistant. It was a beautiful day in Louisville and the wedding was just lovely.

that's it, i'm blogging to say go see melanie, which i know most of you do anyway :)

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I guess I'm just a girl who CAN say no!

I was SO excited when Woodford Co. Theatre announced their 2009 season -- they had picked Oklahoma! as their summer musical -- who-hoo! One of my favorites! I had the BEST time doing Crazy for You in 2007, I couldn't wait until they posted information about auditions and show dates.

Auditions are March 8th & 9th -- Sunday afternoon, Monday evening, I can totally do that. BUT THE SHOW DATES ARE EVERY WEEKEND IN MAY!! I just can't see being able to be in rehearsal all night before my finals and still doing well in school. Also, if I get into graduate school I only have 3 weeks off in May before classes begin -- we have to take the second summer session that starts in June.

So I'm going to be a responsible adult and not audition to be in one of my favorite shows ever....I will have to cling to the memory of doing curtains for Cooper's 1995 production when our football quarterback - who was playing Curly, the lead -- spoke to me (ME! a freshman!! I was giddy for weeks!).

Monday, February 02, 2009

I'm clearly being irrational

but I'm starting to feel oddly possessive about baby names. No, I'm not pregnant but Pete and I are definitely in that window where we can see starting a family in the next 2-5 years. Of course, so is every couple we know. Just found out last week that my sister-in-law is pregnant (yay!), along with a host of other people we know.

Pete just called to tell me that his good high school friend (and his wife) have decided on a name for their first child, due in the next week or so: Samuel. My first thought was -- oh what a great name.... my second thought was -- but wait! that is one of the names WE like!! Luckily, Rachael and I chatted about this last week (she fuels this baby madness) and none of our chosen names conflict. ;)

But so many good ones are already gone:
Benjamin - nephew
Andrew - brother-in-law
Emma - cousin (once removed?)
Charlotte - S-I-L's dog
Hannah - my dog (obviously my fault)

No, I'm not going to list my fav baby names and stake claim to them (plus I feel like that could jinx things) but I just hope if we proclaim our first born on the internet in the year 20?? no one will think we're copying or naming our child AFTER's probably just a name we like...that has a good meaning, strong character, good initials, etc.

okay, that's it -- just thought i'd confess :)