Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guest of Honor

Rachael and Audrey are throwing me a baby shower next Saturday and I couldn't be more excited about my special guest: GRANDMA PRANN!!!!

She's flying in on Friday and back out again Sunday afternoon but I am as happy as I could be that she agreed to come. Anyone who has known me for more than say two minutes knows I completely idolize and adore my Grandma - we've always been really close and that bond has only grown stronger since my mom passed away. In November my Grandpa passed away and I was so glad that she and I had a few days to sit together before Thanksgiving at my Aunt Susie's and just talk and talk, sharing memories, laughing and crying. When I call her at home she answers the phone and says, "Oh Laura!" as though she couldn't imagine anyone else she'd rather speak to.

Last March I flew to Florida for spring break and spent the whole week at their house - just me and Grandma and Grandpa. It was great! I'm so glad to have made those memories with both of them. Here's a picture of me and Grandma at Sharky's on Venice Beach:

and again this November on Thanksgiving:

Can't wait to see her!!


Tammy said...

awesome Laura :)

Mamma and Co. said...

That is so amazing. My grandma and I have a tradition where I sit on her lap no matter how big I've grown and we take a picture. Even when I was 9 months preggo we stuck with it. The grandma bond is an amazing one to have. Thanks for sharing this entry! Please follow one or any of my new blogs. Im the "new kid on the block" I love to write and share. Have a great time at the shower.