Saturday, March 06, 2010

Pete's New Toy

Friday evening February 19, 2010 Pete's new toy arrived. Quite possibly the most involving game we've had in our house yet. And I even had the high score out of the four of us (Matt, Mike, me and Pete) for a whole 24-hours!!!!

The next day, of course, Pete surpassed me by 100,000,000 points.

Here it is arriving.
Then we had to get it in the house. (I say we, but I had nothing to do with it)

Next it was time to set it up.

Pete's most recent high score: 308,704,840
mine: 108,278,400
Sylvain's (and he's only played it on one day): 167,819,170

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Tammy said...

that is too cool!