Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Eleanor Wrenn meets Jean Eleanor Wrenn Prann

We named Ellie after my Grandma Prann, and were really excited that they would finally get to meet when we visited the Cape. It was cool and rainy when we got to the house in Cataumet, and Grandma was with my cousin Pamela and the gang walking around Falmouth, but they arrived back home shortly after we did. I don't have any pictures of the actual moment they met, but here are some pictures from later in the week.

In addition to meeting Grandma, Ellie met about 17 other relatives!


Chris and Margo

Johnny (Johnny's the 1st great-grandchild and Ellie's the 11th!)

and Ruby!!

Of course that's not everyone; Ellie really liked making faces with Sophie, Logan, Maren, Taylor, Alex and Emma as well - I just didn't always have my camera at the ready.

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