Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chicago Bound!

Well, our special weekend has finally arrived. Tomorrow morning we load up the Pilot and head to the Windy City. Pete has been training long and hard for the Chicago Marathon and I'm excited to get to go with to support him. (Getting to see Wicked Friday night certainly isn't hurting any.) Hopefully he'll run under 3:10:59 and qualify for the Boston Marathon in April. I've never been to Chicago so I'm looking forward to seeing all the sites, I hear there's even a three-story Target! So if you're reading this be thinking about Pete Sunday morning at 8:00am, and I'll be sure to report more on Monday.


jenni said...

Good Luck Unc Queep run fast <3 Ben

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

My good friend Rob ran that race last weekend!! He did it in 3:33.
He was pretty proud of himself seeing that it was his first time. I was proud of him too. He trained so hard! So, what was his time!?