Sunday, February 18, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007 --Bring It On!!

Pete and I went to the mall this afternoon to return a sweater I bought at the Gap on Thursday. We stopped by Macy's on our way out to look at their housewares department because we still have a giftcard from Christmas to use. Well, we left with a sleeper sofa and armchair! They won't actually be delivered for two weeks, but they're ours. The official sofa color is coffee and the accent chair is capuccino with a 'moneytree' pattern. Whatever that means. It has a little branch pattern on it in shades of brown. So, whoever's headed this way in November(nephews welcome), or April for the show, we now have two extra beds instead of just one.


pete said...

Hmmm... you gonna fry a turkey?

jenni said...

The show starts in April?? When are the dates?? We tried to buy last minute tickets out of this place this weekend but it was a bust.. We THINK we might have Easter plans.. but would love to go somewhere away from here soon... Let us know!!
And We are TOTALLY in for Turkentucky. So save us a bed.. or at least a spot on the floor.. we ain't picky..

Tammy said...

Hank has an entire week of for Turkey Day this year!! (minus stupid football game of course) but a Kentucky Thanksgiving sounds awsome! Cool about the new furniture. We looked at houses yesterday and are going to see more today. First comes the house - then another car - then furniture!!! Yay - stuff to look forward to. Would love to see the show in April - but it's a pretty busy month - but - when are the dates?