Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Record for Me!

I RAN 5 MILES TONIGHT!!! Yay! That's the farthest I've ever run. Pete is the best coach ever, I'm actually thinking I might be able to do the half marathon in January.

In other news, I forgot to talk about one of the best things in Florida. When Pete and I were in Venice, we went to the beach Tuesday morning. Venice beach is known for its shark's teeth, but ever since they started bringing in outside sand to restore the beach they've been harder to find. Pete had never found one before, and it was his one goal while were there. Grandma Prann was worried we wouldn't find any.....but BOY WAS SHE WRONG!!! WE FOUND A TON! After a little while I was thinking we had found some stash that someone had are pictures of our booty...we didn't just find tiny ones, either, we got some really good sized ones that Grandpa said were from Tiger Sharks.


jenni said...

How cool is that!?!?
We've looked there b/f and found one or two.. but never like what you have...

Oh and FIVE MILES!! SMOKIN!!! look at you go!

Hank <-- boring display name said...

Very cool. I looked for shark's teeth when we were there, but no luck. I was doing it by hand, tho - I didn't have anything to sift with.

Congrats on the run - that's awesome!

lesli said...

hey girl! so good to meet you today at the running store! of course, once we got home the first thing i did was get online to leave you a comment! the world gets smaller every day, and hopefully our paths will cross again very soon!!

jenni said...

Mental image of Grandma Prann -- and her "OH MY" hand wave.... That would be you in the shoe store -- that is a funny read on lesli's blog..

is it creepy that I blogstalk other commentors?