Friday, January 25, 2008


We're getting a Sephora! Now, if only we could get a Crate & Barrel, I'd never have to move again!

not much else going on around here - other than some serious HEAT THEIVING --

Exhibit A: Josie the Pussycat

Happy Friday Y'all -- we're off to see Juno!


B said...

Juno is SO Good! I loved it! I hope you liked it too. :) I love your cat, that is so funny.

pete said...

what's juno?

Tammy said...

juno does look great - let me know how it is :) i LOVE C&B too... the closest one to us is Atlanta and the closest Sephora is Jacksonville - both 3 hours away :( they both have free catalogs though..

Jenni said...

we don't get out much - and he's YOUR brother.

I don't know about loving the movie, or the store..
But I DO love the kitty stealing the heat.