Sunday, May 04, 2008

Derby Day Festivities

Before I get to the fun of yesterday, I have to mention that I ran for 60 minutes tonight!! I've never run more than 45 before - but that is NOTHING compared to what my sister-in-law Jenni did this morning -- she ran her first half-marathon! Way to go Jenni! 13.1 miles in 1:58:32 - that is so AWESOME!

Of course, the Cupcake Cuties were the official dessert sponsor of Rachael's Derby Party - we arrived at her house early to make Mint Julep Cupcakes (with bourbon in the batter and frosting! yipes!) We were really pleased with the end result.

Everyone else arrived a few hours before the derby to play the mini-derby Rachael had set up in her back yard. It was so much fun! I haven't laughed so hard in ages! Being the good school teacher that she is, Rachael had a scoreboard all ready to go, with start and finish lines marked by cones, and all kinds of fun little games planned. There was a three-legged race, a hula-hoop race, wheelbarrow race, etc. The funniest event of the afternoon was the dizzy bat race - you may remember this from Field Day in elementary school -- run to the bat, spin around 10 times with your forehead on the bat, run back to the start -- well, I am now sporting a small cut on my forehead from trying to run after spinning - I fell flat on my face right away! Pete was the best entertainment of the afternoon with his running/falling/running to win the dizzy bat race.

After it was all said and done, Emily won, Pete placed, and just about everyone else tied for show (except me - I was barely on the board, also reminiscent of elementary school, oh well). We were definitely all ready for food after that, so Sylvain fired up the grill and we ate and got ready to watch the derby. I drew Big Brown in our betting pool -- so I won $50! Yay!
After dinner and the Derby it was still nice outside so we played a round of croquet before going home. Rachael and Sylvain and Ann came over later and we played Wii MarioKart until we could barely hold our heads up. What a great day!


pete said...

wow, sounds like a fun day. Who puts together parties with hula hoop races and field day activities? What fun!

Pocket said...

...while sugarplum cupcakes danced in our heads. I slept so well that night! I'm so glad you guys came and thanks for helping us tackle those leftovers! Can you email me your pictures? I'll email you mine when I get them, but I don't have any of the races in the yard!

jenni said...

That looks like so much fun.. I can't help but think what the neighbors thought...
Those cupcakes look great!

and YAY for 60MIN RUNS!!! I think its fantastic..

Tammy said...

fun fun fun....cupcakes look pretty cool too :) glad yall had fun.

Pocket said...

I hope you made it back from Arkansas in one piece. I was worried about you guys what with the storms and all. Give us a call this week.