Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lazy Hazy Saturday has been a great day. Nowhere important to go, no one important to see, just a day to relax with my hubby. We slept in this morning, Pete did some light cleaning while I looked over my answers for my Neuroscience take-home test that's due on Monday.
It's been cold and rainy all day -- ate taco soup for lunch, went to the YMCA to work out, and decided we wanted pizza for dinner. So we headed over to Pazzo's around 6pm, and on our way home decided to try something that could surely be a dangerous habit....

There it was, a van parked in the lot across the street from Pazzo's, advertising fresh-baked, warm cookies from 8pm till 2:30am!! How glorious!! Pete and I were as full as you are when leaving Pazzo's, but thought we might be ready for something a bit later. I got one peanut butter and one double-chocolate chunk, Pete got the chocolate-chunk and a white-chocolate macadamia nut. Our taste testers give them two thumbs up!! Crisp on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside, just the way a cookie should be.

Last weekend we were in Louisville (it seems like we're there every-other weekend) to go to Rachael's jewelry party in her darling new house (Pete obviously didn't go the jewelry party, but hung out with Rachael's husband, Sylvain). Emily and I got there an hour early to help decorate cupcakes, of course! We haven't done this in quite some time and were excited to show off our new tees from Bakerella.

We were also very lucky to have an additional cupcake cutie with us -- my sister-in-law, Audrey!!
Here's a picture of the fall-themed cupcake recipe Rachael found.....turkeys!!

Don't you just want to GOBBLE them up?!? (i am so funny and clever, i know)

About an hour after we arrived at Rachael's all the other party attendees starting arriving, so we went went down to the basement for the Premiere Jewelry Party. The premiere representative is my friend and former coworker, Stephanie -- and we all just love, love her, so we had a good time and got some great new bling just in time for the holidays!
Thursday night Pete and I went to the Junior League Holly Day Market Preview Party.
Melanie had a booth so she gave us the tickets, and I was super nervous about hobnobbing with the Lexington Elite. I shouldn't have been -- it was completely normal, and I wasn't over-dressed or under-dressed, so that's good. AND I got to wear my new black dress and premiere earrings, bracelet, and ring.
So that's what we've been up to lately. School has kept me very busy --it seems like the semester should be ending Monday with the number of projects and papers I have due. Next week I'm driving to Chicago with a group of my classmates to go to the ASHA convention, so hopefully I'll have many things to share about that when I get home. Shortly after that we're off to Florida to spend thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa Prann. Busy, busy, busy!


Pocket said...

Ooh, Chicago. Fun, yet cold. Florida, hopefully not as cold. Sounds like you all needed a day to chill out.

Meredith said...

I wish one of those cookie vans would park near my house! Actually, no I don't...I'd be huge!

Bakerella said...

You guys are totally THE cutest. I'm sorry about the cupcake pop pic. It seems like I contacted someone for the names or state and never heard back. I think yours was supposed to be in the first one I did back in May. How's the cupcake club going?

Well, anyway, how about letting me use your t-shirt pic. I'd like to put it on and maybe even on the blog one day.

email me a larger pic if you are interested. My email is in the blog profile.


Pocket said...

Okay, I've been browsing and I've decided that our turkey cupcakes are the perfect candidate for a total bashing session on that site!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are???? Everytime I look at your blog I think, GEEZ, she's gorgeous! I hope you're having a wonderful day!

Pocket said...

Your loyal blog readers are getting a bit restless. Post something, already. Tell everyone about your marvelous solo on Sunday!