Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Jury is Still Out

When Ellie was born pretty much everyone (including myself) said she looked like Pete. Throughout my pregnancy I had hoped she would look like her daddy - I obviously think he's pretty cute :)

Ellie the day after she was born

Ellie at 5 weeks

Then my dad brought my baby book when he came to visit. Now we can't decide!! What do you all think? Does she look like me or Pete? Or does she just look like a baby?

Pete as a newborn and at 6-8 wks

Laura as a newborn and at 6-8 weeks

Can't wait to hear what you think!!


Meredith said...

DEFINITELY YOU!!!!! I think you have a little Laura on your hands :)

Pocket said...

Sorry, all I see it Pete. She might have your head shape (or something?) but she totally looks just like Pete. Especially in the 5 week pic. That is your husband's face on a baby head.

stephanie said...

Im with Rachel! She's a mini Pete...But on another note, welcome to the club of "having children that dont look like you" Neither of my kids resemble me at all!

Jennifer said...

Pete, definitely Pete.