Monday, February 27, 2012

10 months old.

I feel like I did a pretty good job this month in posting all the fun things Ellie has been doing lately - if you read regularly, you've seen that in her 10th month Ellie learned to clap and climb the stairs. Other than that, there haven't been many HUGE developments. She cruises along sides of chairs, the sofa, piano bench, etc. This week I taught her to 'gimme five' and she learned how to drink from a straw. She also loves to play the piano :) Friday one of her friends came over to play and ellie wasted no time in showing her how it's done.

We also feel like Ellie is getting It's not very long, but seems to be getting thicker by the day.

We got Ellie her own table and chairs.

Look at that miniature Pete Crawford - Every day I get to read to her, and sing songs with her, and have little dance parties, and go on walks, and push her in her swing - aren't I lucky?!?!

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Pocket said...

Ellie is the lucky one, my dear! What sweet pictures - she's getting so big! That face is just precious.