Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Getaway

We're home after a long weekend on Cape Cod with my extended family.  They gather annually for two weeks at the end of June and this year my cousin Chris got married on Friday morning on the lawn of one of the houses!  Congrats to he and Margo - I was holding or chasing Ellie during the ceremony, so there aren't any pictures.  She was quite the jibber-jabberer during the wedding, but it there were only 20 or so of us and it was outdoors, so I think it was okay.  It's usually pretty chilly when we go to the Cape - we typically change into jeans and fleece jackets in the evening.  Not this year!!  It was 92 when we arrived late Thursday evening and didn't really cool down until Sunday afternoon.  We were all very thankful for sunny weather.

Ellie walked nonstop along the airport terminal - dragging her carry-on with her.
ellie and auggie - now and then (Thanksgiving)

who doesn't love a tire swing?!?

Cousins on the beach!

Getting some lovins from Jack

Ellie also liked Sadie, and T and his laptop.
Alex taught Ellie how to play 52 Card Pickup

Playing with Johnny
Of course Grandma was also there.
Pete and his mini-me.

After breakfast yesterday morning Ellie and I walked down for one last moment in the sand.

 We didn't realize until we were on our way up to the house that Daddy had espied us from the porch!

After a few flight delays and a drive from Louisville we arrived home safe and sound - but tired - at 2am this morning.  So glad we were able to make it again this year - it is the most relaxing place!!

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