Saturday, December 29, 2012

Five GOLD-EN Rings!!

Happy fifth day of Christmas!!  We had a great holiday at our house, starting with Christmas Eve.  Audrey and Andrew arrived around four and we ate a heavy hors d'oeuvre feast that would have made my mother proud.

All dressed and ready for church.
But not before a few Christmas carols!
So glad Audrey and Andrew could join us again this year.

After church we whisked Ellie up to bed and Santa's elves got to work bringing her main gifts upstairs.
Everything ready to be discovered in the morning.
Ellie went right to her new kitchen,
and seemed to love it instantly!
We let Ellie eat her breakfast in her new chair while we started on socks (and our monkey break baked).
Slinky in stocking = huge hit.
Uncle Andrew loves socks!
This year, Aunt Audrey wasn't feeling so hot, but she had a good time nonetheless.

Audrey gave Ellie the most special gift for Christmas - she made our family in doll form!!  Right down to the clothes they're wearing - those dolls are the Crawfords (check out the madras shorts on Pete).

Like every gift that morning, they had to go straight to the sink for washing.
Pete, meet Pete.

Audrey and Andrew had to leave by ten to make it to other family commitments, so we had the rest of the day to relax as our little family.  Ellie napped from eleven-thirty to one-thirty, but not until she'd gotten in a few more rounds of play with her kitchen.

How would you like your eggs cooked?
Zut alors!  I have missed one!

Catching up on our reading.
After nap we took photos for her 20th month blog (coming soon),  got Ellie dressed for real, and opened the rest of our presents.  Pete deep-fried a turkey breast for dinner and we ate it with green bean casserole, mashed turnips, and rolls.

So that was our Christmas!  Hope yours was as enjoyable and relaxing as ours!!


Jennifer said...

What fun memories, I love this recap! And... a Little Mermaid quote? Nicely worked in!

Pocket said...

Sounds delightful! Glad you had some time to relax. Merry Christmas!

Tammy said...

how cute is she in that chef's hat! so cute :) Looks like a fun Christmas :)