Friday, January 11, 2013

20 months. our baby girl.

Ellie turned twenty months old on Christmas Day.  I actually remembered to take pictures!  I know I completely dropped the ball on doing an 18-month and a 19-month post, so I'll just wrap them all into this one.

Here is a picture of Ellie the exact moment she turned one-and-a-half.

Pete was out of town, so Joanne and I walked with Ellie over to Babycakes and got her an 18 month cuppy cake.  She chose blueberry.  Not surprising if you've ever seen her around her fav fruit at meal or snack time.

Ellie turned 19-months old as we were driving home from Pennsylvania after Thanksgiving.  She was a fabulous little road-tripper, shedding not a single tear during the 10+ hour trip. 


And here she is at 20 months on Christmas Day.  Look at all that hair!

Sometimes when we pick her up from school, her teacher Miss Kathy has put her hair in pigtails!!

Pete and I keep telling each other that Ellie is more fun now than ever.  She cracks us up!  Her speech really took off last month and she started putting two words together.  On December 12th she said, "bye Daddy" and the next day she said, "Mommy coat" as we were getting ready to leave.  Now everything is "Ellie" this and "Ellie" that.  (all though when she says it it sounds like ey-yah)  When she notices something, she names it on all of us, "Mommy pants, Ellie pants, Daddy pants".  Last weekend she walked over to Pete and said, "daddy hairbow."  He complied.  Her favorite things to eat are avocadoes and quesadillas ("dilla!!")  She loves going to school three days a week and names all of her classmates each morning when she wakes up.  Pete was gone overnight in the last week, and her special treat to Pete was saying, "love you, Daddy" upon his departure. :-)

We're excited to see what new things she does in the next few months and we know we'll love it!

We were diriving home fro Pennsyblvania on Ellie's 19-mpmonth day, h

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