Sunday, October 27, 2013

One Month Old. Thirty Months Old.

Update:  I forgot to add some picture collages last night - they're in the post now! :-)

Whew.  How time flies.  Baby Caroline is already a month old!  In her first month she learned to bring her fist to her mouth, and started to show a little bit of head control.  She lost her umbilical cord at eight days old and started wearing cloth diapers around three weeks old.  By her two week check-up, Caroline weighed 9 lbs, 9.5 oz.  The studio where we take mom and baby yoga no longer has an infant scale, so I can't tell you what she weighed at one month, but she is nothing if not an enthusiastic eater.  Her thighs and wrists are super-chunky, and I would guess she weighs at least 11 pounds at six weeks.

This Friday, Ellie turned two-and-a-half!  I made her half a cake to celebrate being 30 months old.  (This isn't something we will normally celebrate, but with all the attention and time that Caroline has gotten these past few weeks, I wanted to make sure that she was still feeling special.)

I do love these monthly photos, however, and hope to do them every six months for a few years :-)

A few sister pics:


Peggy Wheeler said...

I am sure Pete knows how blessed he is to have 3 beautiful and wonderful gals to come home too.

Pocket said...

Ugh, finally! It's impossible to comment from an iPad, so I've been thinking about your pictures since I read your post this morning!!

Can I just tell you that Ellie's half-birthday cake might be the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my LIFE?! You are SUCH a great Momma! And that pic of the two of them on the couch....oh my word. The Crawford Sisters! Line up some gigs and send those girls on the ROAD!

Also, your dates are totally wrong. Caroline can't be more than a week old, so...sorry. I get it, you lose track of time when you're tired, so I forgive you.