Saturday, March 22, 2014

six months old

It happened.  A half of a year passed in the blink of an eye.  Our littlest redhead isn't so little anymore.  We haven't had her 'official' six-month appointment yet, but on her actual half-birthday Caroline tipped the scales at 18lbs, 7oz (!!)  We are waiting until after her appointment this Wednesday to let her sample 'real food,' but I'm thinking on Wednesday evening we'll offer her sweet potato sticks, avocado wedges, and maybe some banana for her first meal.  If the amount of attention she pays to our food is any indication, Caroline is more than ready to sample different foods.

Sisters for six months - a hint at the silliness ahead.

Mom of two for six months - yes I'm as tired as I look, no I'm not dying my hair - it just keeps getting darker and darker.
Daddy of two for six months.  They pretty much think he's the funniest.
Legs that have gotten chunkier and chunkier.
In her sixth month, Caroline rolled over!! Yay!!  It doesn't happen every day, and she's only done it back-to-front, but it is a skill she has acquired.  She usually won't roll if she has pants on, and very rarely if she is wearing a cloth diaper.  It's been so cold for so long, you can imagine how often we let her hang out without any pantalones.

Caroline also put her feet in her mouth!  She goes for them the second her pants are off, and loves to chew them during a diaper change.  

We tried bathing the girls together.  It was successful, but we probably won't do it again soon. Ellie is a little too enthusiastic in the tub for Caroline.  

It stayed cold long enough that Caroline got to wear her first pair of (hand-me-down) Uggs!  They're the best way to keep feet warm, and are harder to pull off than socks.

I guess that's about it!  Caroline is still super-happy and pleasant most of the time.  She loves to eat and snuggle and take naps.  She has a tooth that's just about to break out of her gums, but it hasn't happened yet so I guess it will go in next month's update.  We love her so, our snuggliest little one.

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Julie said...

Such a darling family! And, CHEEKS.