Sunday, August 31, 2014

Beach Week 2014: beach pics

It's been raining all day so there seemed no better time to finally wrap up our trip to South Carolina.  I got some pictures on my real camera our last afternoon at the beach.  The older girls were always on the move, and the littlest was fairly quick to get in on the action when she could.

best photobomb ever

Crazy Girls - what will we do with a boy in the mix?
These two were fast friends.

"hey guys, wait for me!"
At least I got a good one of the Wheelers!
Matt was kind enough to build a sandcastle for the girls (to destroy).
Expert sandcastle squasher
Kate loved the ditch her daddy dug.
The week was also full of some excellent tea parties.

While we were on Sullivan's Island, Ellie saw many of the animals she has read about in her books.  We saw:  a horseshoe crab, a hermit crab, jellyfish, minnows, seagulls, pelicans, a whelk, a blue crab, dolphins, and a shark!  We were walking back from the tide pool one evening and Ellie said to Pete, "Daddy, what's that?" (we had seen dolphins the previous evening).  I was looking for seashells and I suddenly heard Pete jump a few feet in the air as he said, "Whoa!  That's a shark!!"  Sure enough, there was a three-foot long shark, about four feet away from us swimming along the shore.  It swam alongside the shore as we walked along for a few feet, and eventually turned its tail and headed back out to sea. 

For Rachael and Julie:  Yes, the food post was from memory.  I used the picture dates to help me get everything in correct order, but the entrees are etched on my mind!

It was a great week with great friends - can't wait to do it again!

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