Sunday, December 17, 2006

2nd Try --Christmas Tree Story, etc.

Now I've got Firefox instead of Explorer, so hopefully I won't lose posts anymore. Back to the story of how we got our Christmas tree.

We got our Christmas tree Thursday afternoon and it's a beauty --8 ft tall! This year we went with a Fraser fir, it touches the ceiling and we might not be able to put our star on it. We went to the same tree farm where we got last year's tree, it's just a little ways out of town and the family who runs it seems really nice --they even remembered us from last year. We've got the tree fully decorated and everything, but I think it might need something more --maybe some beads or wired ribbon, I don't know. We put it in a different place this year, a little more out of the way, but we didn't have to move any furniture, it makes it easier to walk through the house, and isn't as tempting for the dog to eat. Here are some pictures from our mantle as well, so you can see our stockings, etc. In the corner is Big Dolly, Pete's toy soldier from when he was little --you should have seen me getting that thing out of the attic!
The next couple of weeks should be pretty busy for us, we've got Christmas church services, Egg Nog Night (only ask if you REALLY want to know --it's a scary tale involving Pete and 64oz of the stuff), a weekend in Cincinnati for a wedding, etc. We'll be pretty worn out by the start of 2007, but we will have no doubt had some good times. Hope everyone has safe travels for the holidays!

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jenni said...

The more I see the picture of Big Dolly the more I want one..