Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Midsummer Weekend

Thursday was Pete's 27th Birthday, and, if I do say so myself, I did a pretty good job at helping him celebrate. I made Eggs Benedict for breakfast --they're his favorite. (I had no idea Hollandaise Sauce involved raw eggs or I might not have been so generous.) I made Pete stay out of the kitchen all morning while I baked his cookie cake and secretly made him Chex Mix and Muddy Buddies. I finished decorating his cake in time for us to have lunch at Chic-fil-a and go to a matinee showing of the Bourne Ultimatum. After the movie we came home and Pete opened presents --nothing too special, the biggest surprise was a dispenser for his snackies PREFILLED with Chex Mix! Then it was off to Rincon for Pete's birthday dinner --we love our locally-owned Mexican restaurant. Rachael and Sylvain came over afterwards to eat cookie with us and enjoy the now-standard birthday fireworks.

That's right, it was a Scrabble cake!

The Birthday Boy

Friday night I came home from work and we ate a quick dinner before going downtown to see Paragon's production of Kiss Me, Kate! It's such a fun show and Pete and I knew most of the cast from Crazy For You, so it was an enjoyable evening.
Saturday I worked until 6, then went home to get ready for THE RACE. I'm not superfast like Pete, but I ran the whole 3.1 miles --no walk breaks! Pete ran it in 18:25 and I ran (jogged) it in 31:06. We cleaned up after the race and headed over to Rachael & Sylvain's house where they were having a little party.
Today was a pretty typical Sunday, lunch at the Co-op, trip to Target, I'm sure you have a similar routine. Rachael and I went to Mad Potter to finish some projects we'd started last week.

Rach and her beautiful vase

So that was our weekend. Tomorrow it's back to work as usual.


jenni said...

The Cookie Cake is so Clever... Well done laura Well done.

So I don't know -- a 10 min mile for 3 consecutive miles.. thats pretty darn good for a newbie runner.. I'm highly impressed.

Tammy said...

Very cool cookie/cake. Sounds like a fun weekend

lesli said...

that cake is a cookie?? it's darling! makes me wants cookies or cake real bad! what a fun birthday weekend!