Sunday, September 09, 2007

Every year before it drains the pool, the YMCA hosts a Pooch Plunge--a special day for doggies to swim freely in the pool! We took Hannah for the first time this afternoon, she seemed to enjoy herself:

I don't know who had more fun --me or the dog!!!

Last night we drove to Louisville to have dinner with Pete's sister, Audrey, her fiancee, Andrew, and his dad, who was visiting from Florida. We got to see Aud and Andrew's house and their TWO puppies! Sadie is a dalmation/lab/pointer mix (all white and very soft), and Charlotte --the cutie --is a dachshund/chihuahua mix. I came home wanting to go to Petsmart to find a wee dog to befriend Hannah. Pete says we have to wait until the rabbit escapes.


jenni said...

cute vid -- Hannah looked like she had a blast -- was she stealing other pups balls?? Such a two year old!
I have a beagle that would solve both of your wanting a wee dog and having the rabbit "escape"

Lesli said...

that is so cute!

i have some fun news for you! be looking for an email from me=)

Poefam said...

This is the BEST idea! I would take my puppies too!!! They would LOVE IT! Such a fun video!