Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Recap

  • Saturday morning I ran Race for the Cure and reached my latest running goal: finished a 5k under 30minutes with a time of 29:28 --yay!
  • Saturday afternoon Hannah, Pete, and I met Emily at Oktoberfest --we ate cupcakes and went down the giant inflated slide
  • Had Rachael & Sylvain over for a truly Grandma Prann-esque dinner: grilled pork loin, roasted pumpkin and sweet potato pilaf, grilled asparagus, and apple pie!
  • Went BACK to Oktoberfest, met up with a whole gang of people, played Bingo, listened to bluegrass, drank beer (what's a Catholic fundraiser w/o alcohol?--interestingly enough, none of us are Catholic, but we all like a good time)
  • This afternoon we saw Into the Woods at the Woodford County Theatre
  • So far this evening we've eaten leftovers and Pete has quizzed me on my GRE vocabulary words
p.s. melanie was out of town this week, so I wrote the blog for mmp --check it out! I might have some more in the future!

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