Friday, October 19, 2007


well, it does in Texas.....
Tonight Pete and I went to our first high school football game in Lexington --my first h.s. football game since Cooper's Homecoming my freshman year of college ('98). We went to the Dunbar/Lafayette game --crosstown rivals, so we thought surely a good game. The game itself was good --Lafayette won with a field goal in the last second, and the night was cool and crisp --great for being outdoors. But there was no halftime show! And the stands were practically empty!
The away team only has that tiny little area of stands--it made me sad, and homesick of West Texas football. And THEN, at halftime, the poor Lafayette team had to huddle in a corner in the grass --there weren't any locker rooms for the visitors!
That's not how it was for us in Texas was it? We still had a good time, so that's all that matters. Next Friday we might go to another local high school's game --any suggestions?

Now tomorrow is the BIG GAME. I can't write too much because I'm sure Pete will have something to say one way or the other, but I did purchase a pound of GATOR meat this afternoon and we are having people over for a Gator Roast. Look for us tomorrow on ESPN's College Game Day --I'll be with the crazy redhead wearing the curly blue wig ---GO CATS!!!


Hank <-- boring display name said...

Don't they have marching band in Kentucky?

Hank <-- boring display name said...

P.S. I'm DVR'ing GameDay, since you said you'll be there!

Anonymous said...

There is a show on TV about the Dunbar high school cheerleaders- i think its called Cheerleader Nation. They have won the cheerleading national championship for the past four years....pretty cool!