Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I usually listen to a combination of 80's pop, Outkast, and Justin Timberlake when I'm running, but I knew I wanted to take it easy today and was interested to see how I'd do with other types of music. I cued up my iPod and off we went --let me tell you, the Nutcracker followed by Swan Lake did not let me down! I don't own too many classical CDs, I'm thinking of trying Carmina Burana next.....what can I say, I'm a music dork. See my brother's blog if you need proof that it's genetic.

In other news, Josie peed on the sofa and Hannah's bed Sunday afternoon, our washing machine died while it was mid-cycle cleaning the sofa cushion cover et al, and my car died Monday driving home from HH Gregg where I was checking out new machines. So, needless to say, it's been a hectic week around here. We bought Josie a collar at Petsmart last night and are going to see if we can make her an outdoor kitty. We've heard of outside cats becoming indoor ones, but not the reverse, so wish us luck. She acted like this last year before her surgery (yes, we paid for our CAT to have surgery) and we knew if the behavior returned, we'd have to get rid of our beloved pussum. We dropped my car off at the shop this morning and they are going to run some more diagnostic tests on it tomorrow, but so far, nothing. I hesitated on getting a new machine so the repair people are going to come tomorrow to see if our washer can be fixed.

That's it from here --I'll keep you posted on any updates.


Tammy said...

ugg. what a week huh? We have weeks like that when stuff breaks...we try duct tape first - but usually end up at a repair shop :) See you soon!!

Hank <-- boring display name said...

Hey, I got a link!!!! Awesome! Thanks! (And to those of you not related to Laura or myself, fear not - I'm a much bigger dork all around than she is.) :)

Hank <-- boring display name said...

P.S. Swan Lake is DEFINITEY an improvement over Justin Timberlake!

Laloo said...


Redhead Runner said...

Way to go Laura!!! Not bad for only WANTING to run for half an hour. I'm proud of you!

Next stop 60 minutes?? I'll buy you a Blizzard for that achievement when it comes.