Friday, April 04, 2008

la-la boots!

my favorite little girl (melanie's daughter) has recently learned my name -- it makes me smile any time she's around and she says 'La-la'....well today I was wearing my black & white polka dotted rain boots (hello flooding in kentucky!) and as I left work melanie was bringing her downstairs from her nap -- i had made it outside to my car when melanie opened to the door to tell me audrey said, "La-la Boots!" -- how cute is that?!?!

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Meredith said...

How sweet! What a darling little girl.

I cannot find a pair of rain boots in my size anywhere. Where did you find yours?

Laloo said...

I got mine at John's a few years ago, but I just looked at and they've got 5 pages worth!

jenni said...

Why does melanie and her family have to be so cute and adorable all the time?
That's too sweet..