Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A sure sign of spring

Every year it always seems as if the grass will never grow back, then suddenly, as if overnight, the grass grows four inches and can't wait another moment to be cut. Saturday night was that night this year - Sunday the grass was suddenly SO long! So Pete fired up the mower (haven't found a push mower yet) and mowed the lawn for the first time of the year - I happily sat in the sun doing my Linguistics homework.
I love our yard this time of year - as the daffodils fade, the day lilies will come up, then the lilac bushes in the front yard will blossom, then the wisteria and azaleas in the back yard, and finally the lilies.

Since spring is here, I thought I should attend to my skin as well - we had a grand bathroom reorganizing, and my new rule for myself is no more 'potions and lotions' can be purchased until I've used up all of what I already have. Right now I'm going through this Origins microdermabrasion stuff I found in the back of the cabinet - it didn't have an expiration date, so I think I'm okay.
It makes my skin all red - but nice and soft!
(tune back in tonight - hopefully, HOPEFULLY I'll have another reason to post)


Tammy said...

Funny! - I too have had too many lotions and potions. I was a sucker for the free gift with purchase at the dept. stores. I have tons of travel size Clinique if you ever need any :) YAY for Spring!!!

Meredith said...

Wow, L. That is a little too suspenseful for me!

jenni said...