Thursday, December 18, 2008

I should be studying...

This has been the phrase of the week. I'm taking a break right now (as I have been all night pretty much, talking to my brother on the phone, ordering everyone's Christmas gifts online, writing a new blog, etc). Tomorrow afternoon is my last final - Anatomy & Physiology of Speech @ 1pm. Hopefully I'll do pretty well on it and have 4 As for this semester. I managed to get an A in Neuroscience (thank God for the curve!), and, despite pretty much a disastrous score on my Audiology final I held on to my A in the class (I really don't know what happened, I thought I did better than the grade on my final suggests - but have already requested to see my test to see where I went wrong). I get my ABRs, OAEs, and ARs confused (along with about a bajillion-other hearing-related acronyms). My phonetics final was fun -- I love that class! On the test we had to write a paragraph in IPA with diacritic marks and phrasing and I wrote the verse to "All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth" (complete w/lisping) - hopefully Dr. Deem was amused.

Thank goodness the Co-op is close by -- otherwise we might not have eaten this week as I have seriously fallen of the wagon as head chef and chief grocery shopper of our household. Tomorrow night we're going to see the Nutcracker at the Opera House, and Saturday (hopefully) we're joining friends for a holiday dinner at Holly Hill Inn. I just have to make it through tomorrow!

Fiona DID bark last night -- but not as loudly or for as long. Her barks were more like long whines as if to say, "when I made noise last night you let me out...please, please let me out again."

I don't know if we'll post a picture of our tree this year -- I can't find a good topper and our tree is fatter than last years so I need more ribbon to go aroud it. Since today was my first day to go shop for decorations (when I should have been studying) - many stores were already down to slim pickings. Maybe Saturday I'll make the trek out to Hobby Lobby -- they usually don't let me down as far as holiday decorating goes.

Just had to take a break to see what Fiona was in to -- why, of all the trash cans she could raid, does she manage to open the door to the laundry room and get the one full of LINT and DOG HAIR?!?!

Oh well, better get back to the books.


Pocket said...

Oh! I hope your final went well. Hooray for no schooooolllll!!!

lesli said...

I just went to hobby lobby on saturday night. it IS such a trek all the way out there and I thought their decorations were just so so... I did find two really cute santas at the marshall's by the mall. it's usually good for hidden jewels.