Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Gimpy Girl

We're not sure how, but Hannah hurt herself tonight. I was sitting at the dining room table addressing our Christmas cards, and Pete was in his office doing the same thing with his cards for his clients. Hannah and Fiona were in the office with Pete when all of a sudden Hannah lets out two long, sharp wails!! I jumped up from the table and ran to the office to see what was up -- Hannah and Fi were just walking out of the room, and she yelped again. Neither Pete nor I could see anything, so we had Hannah walk down the hall toward me. That's when we saw that she was bleeding!! Somehow our little Hannah severed the claw on her back right paw!! Poor girl!
She must have cut it outside this afternoon, then snagged it on the rug in Pete's office.

We called her into the bathroom so she would be on easier-to-clean floor to investigate -- once she was calm Pete left to go buy some supplies because we are horribly lacking in the first-aid supplies department. Pete returned with my 'tools':
We cleaned the wound, then I cut the claw the rest of the way off, applied Nik Stop, wrapped it in gauze, taped it, then we wrapped her whole paw with an ace bandage. She looks so cute!! (and sad)
I took a little video to try to show how funny she looks walking on it (please ignore Christmas Card central on the table in the background)


pete said...

Oh, Hannah - The Gimpy Girl
can barely walk, can no longer whirl..

Diana said...

poor girl. I hate when our sweet boy gets hurt or sick. It makes me so sad.