Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas came to Kingswood

Finally got the tree decorated - just in the nick of time!! My eyes are always bigger than my ceiling when it comes to picking a tree; I know we should get a 7-ft tree and have room for a nice star or bird or bow or something but I always want the tree to touch the ceiling, I just can't help it!! Maybe our next house will have 12-ft ceilings and then I can get a 9-ft tree and still have room for a festive top, but we won't be moving for a bit so I either have to drastically reduce my height expectations or get used to trimming the tippity top of the tree to fit it in the house. I think the end result is nice though. Hope you enjoy the pictures, the coffee tables were delivered on Saturday so the room is finally complete!


Pocket said...

oooohhhhh, purty!

Meredith said...


Tammy said...

wow - that's a great tree! so full and tall - love it. I still haven't taken pics of ours yet - better do it soon as the tree is very dead and could go at any minute HA!